What are the best ways to keep parents informed and engaged with your preschool? One of the most effective strategies is by creating a preschool newsletter for parents! Sending a monthly or weekly email to parents can have huge benefits, but it also takes some time and effort. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to create the perfect newsletter for your preschool!

We’ll discuss how to set up an engaging format that will grab your readers’ attention, choose a medium of communication, create an engaging content strategy, and more.


1. Picking a template for your newsletter

There are so many different options when it comes to creating the perfect newsletter, but it’s important to choose a template that will be most effective for your preschool. If you have limited time and resources, we recommend choosing an email format.

You can use pre-existing templates (such as MailChimp or Microsoft Word), or you may opt to invest in your own custom design using platforms like Adobe Spark or Canva. These are all very user-friendly tools that can give you an idea of what a great newsletter should look like, and they also make it easy to create and implement your own.


2. Coming up with a great subject line

We’ve all opened an email that included a compelling subject line. This part may not seem important at first, but an effective and powerful subject line can mean the difference between your newsletter being read or ignored.

In order to create a compelling subject line for your email newsletter, you need to consider three things: curiosity, timeliness, and relevance. This will help grab your readers’ attention so they are sure to click through and read!


3. Choosing your medium of communication

Now that we know which type of newsletter best suits your preschool (email), let’s talk about where we should send your newsletter. It goes without saying that most parents prefer to receive your newsletter via email, especially since most people check their emails daily.

If you run a preschool with multiple locations, we recommend using an email distribution list and sending one single newsletter out to all of your parents. If that becomes difficult for any reason, it’s best to think about how many newsletters you can feasibly send out each week or month.


4. Creating your content strategy

The most important part of any good newsletter is the content! Before thinking about what type of information goes into your upcoming spring preschool newsletter, take a look at who will be receiving it. More often than not, this is your target demographic: families with young children around kindergarten age who are home during regular weekday working hours.

This means that your newsletter should provide detailed descriptions of exciting activities, big milestones, and even upcoming events. Many newsletters have certain features that are included in every newsletter. Whether it’s a monthly calendar or a weekly highlight of the children, it’s important to have consistency.


5. Making your newsletter engaging

The first step to creating an eye-catching and engaging preschool newsletter for parents is choosing colorful graphics. It should showcase your brand, infographics, and of course, pictures of fun activities at your preschool. A great tip here is to also include links in your newsletter.

Whether they’re links to your website, your blog, your socials, or any additional resources, it’s vital that your preschool newsletter for parents is interactive in order to keep your viewers engaged and even drive them to your website.


6. Include updates or any changes taking place at your center

Preschool newsletters for parents are a great way to communicate updates or changes to parents. If your center has new hours of operation, holiday parties, field trips, or upcoming renovations, these are the types of information that should be included in your weekly or monthly newsletter. Parents like to be kept in the loop. The more information you share, the happier and more secure they will be.


7. Include special offers

A great way to entice parents to subscribe to your newsletter is to include exclusive offers of your preschool. You can dedicate a section to whatever weekly offer you choose. Consider offering perks like two weeks tuition-free if they refer two or more families or gift cards to local restaurants. Special offers are a great way to not only increase enrollment but also keep your subscribers happy!



A preschool newsletter for parents can be a great way to keep your parents and community up-to-date with what’s happening at your school. It also gives you an opportunity to share any upcoming events, and showcase individual students’ work or milestones. You can also offer specials on your services from time to time. Creating a newsletter doesn’t have to be a daunting task that will eat up countless hours of your day. Plan ahead and utilize the right tools for success!

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