A successful school tour is one of the most essential necessities when it comes to potentially increasing your student enrollment. Some schools encounter challenges when marketing their facilities when trying to secure prospects who are interested enough to take part in a school tour. 


Once you invite parents to your school, closing the deal is crucial before they walk out of your building. One of the best ways to seal that deal is by providing a tour of your school. By the end of your school tour, parents will hopefully enroll their children at your school, or at least leave with a positive impression about what your school offers.



School Tour Basics


First things first, make sure you mentally prepare yourself for your tour by anticipating what types of questions you’ll receive from prospective parents. To do this, make sure you are knowledgeable about all aspects of your school including what you have to offer, your programs, and facilities. When you can answer questions confidently, it will give parents the impression that their child will receive a top-notch education at your school.


Also, it’s beneficial to customize your tour for each visitor’s individual needs. Your school may provide an excellent education, but if you cannot cater to each family’s unique set of needs, you will lose their interest.


Finally, one of the most essential parts of giving a tour of your school is knowing when to stop talking! Parents may think that your school is an outstanding facility because classes are small and teachers are very knowledgeable. But remember, not everyone wants to hear you talk indefinitely about how awesome you and your school are.


Now that we have discussed some basics, let’s get into how to present your school tour.


How To Conduct A School Tour


1. Making a Good Introduction

Make sure you start with an introduction. You may consider incorporating some technology, such as a virtual school tour video or a PowerPoint presentation, which you can edit as needed. When you start with this type of approach, parents can get an idea of what your school looks like, and some of the special programs you offer.


Also, make sure to greet everyone in the room before starting your presentation. It helps make all parents feel welcome when they come to your school.


The second step is your presentation, during which you will showcase everything that your school has to offer. From classrooms to the library and extra-curricular activities, this is your chance to impress parents. This also serves as a tour for those who have not yet seen your facility. 


2. Q & A Session

After presenting your school to prospective families, it’s time to stop. This is crucial because if you go on talking for too long, your audience might lose interest. They might even consider the presentation mediocre.


An excellent way to end your presentation is by asking questions. Find out if parents have any questions about your presentation, or if they need some time to collect their thoughts. Since choosing a school is a significant decision, most people like to take some time. This can help you determine who is not interested and keep an eye out for those who are.


Give parents time and space to consider all aspects of your school, but do not let them forget what they saw and heard. Remember that ensuring that people leave with a positive image of your school is the key to attracting new students.


3. Highlighting Positives

When showing your school to parents, make sure to convey all of the reasons why your school is outstanding. If you believe that your school is impressive, this will be reflected in your words and help portray a positive image of your facility.


Remember to relay all information in a professional manner. Try to avoid being too wordy with details. And at the same time, do not leave them thinking that your school is mediocre.


It’s also beneficial to present information that will help parents see why their child would be a perfect fit for your school. If you know the child’s specific interests, then use this to your advantage. You may convince parents about why they need to enroll their children at your school by incorporating that information into your discussion. This can be highly effective when done correctly.


Finally, it’s time to give parents a real tour of your school. Be sure to include all areas of your facility, including the library, gymnasium, and any other areas that will enable parents to see what their children’s days would look like. If you’re not able to fit it all in in one visit, don’t worry. Let parents know what they can expect from your school, and take steps to answer their queries when possible.


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