Starting a home daycare center can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. However, it requires a lot of hard work. Just like any other business, a home-run daycare business requires sufficient marketing and promotion to attract new customers. This also helps keep your existing clientele coming back.


Promoting your home daycare center can be a tricky venture. Today’s parents tend to look for more than just proximity when it comes to finding the best facility for their children. They look for a program that provides quality care and offers a curriculum focused on each child’s growth and development. So, how can you make your daycare center stand out from the competition? Here are a few helpful marketing tips to help your home daycare business grow.


1. Create a website

Having a comprehensive and dynamic website is an essential component of any marketing strategy. Your website will allow potential families to learn more about your home daycare. You can help highlight what makes your daycare unique compared to others in your area. A website also gives parents and potential customers the opportunity to communicate with you.


A messaging platform on your site can be more convenient than calling or emailing directly.


You can even include photos or videos on your home daycare website. Use media that highlights your center’s surroundings and features your caregivers, daily activities, and celebrates children’s growth. This will enable customers to see what it might be like to enroll their children at daycare.


2. Create a blog

A blog is another important marketing strategy to consider if you want to increase awareness of your daycare services. A blog allows you to share information and gives parents a place to turn for advice on a variety of childcare-related issues, such as potty training or safety.


Most importantly, a blog offers parents an opportunity to leave reviews about your services directly on your website, which can help increase traffic from your website to your blog.


3. Utilize social media

Social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) are cost-efficient marketing tools that can help you promote your home daycare business. Because home daycares have unique needs when it comes to advertising their services, many owners are not fully aware of how they can most effectively utilize social media outlets to their advantage.


There are many different ways to connect with potential customers using social media platforms. For example, you might create your own home page on Facebook. You can also consider writing helpful articles about home daycare centers for parenting sites, with links back to your website so parents know where to find more information.


You could also start a home daycare YouTube channel to help you share activities, child care tips, or even child care safety videos for parents who are looking for more information before deciding on an option.


4. Create flyers

Distributing flyers is another widely-used home daycare marketing technique and with good reason! Flyers allow you to reach out directly to potential clients in your area. You can place them on public bulletin boards or hand them out at local community centers or shops.


You may also create customized flyers that highlight your unique home daycare services. Send them to homes within the vicinity of your home daycare business location.

5. Take out ads in local newspapers

Newspaper advertisements are another effective home daycare marketing tool, especially if you tend to market your services to a specific target group that reads the same newspaper. You can choose from multiple advertising options such as display ads, classified ads, and even coupons.


6. Enlist referrals

User reviews and referrals are an essential part of any effective marketing strategy. Parents tend to trust recommendations from their friends and family, especially when it comes to their children’s safety and well-being. If a parent is considering changing daycare centers or finding one for the first time, make sure your home daycare business has a quality referral program in place for high-value prospects that could potentially turn into long-term customers.


Effective marketing is one of the keys to the success of any home daycare business. Focus your marketing efforts on the services and types of care that set you apart from your competitors, and attract more enrollees to your home daycare business today!


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