As many parents have observed, the rates for high-quality daycare are rising every year. Standards for what constitutes a great daycare center are more stringent than ever since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents weigh a variety of factors as they narrow down their decisions regarding where to enroll their children. Keep reading to learn what it takes to run a high-quality daycare center!


Compassionate, patient, and properly trained employees

The number one quality parents look for in a daycare center is whether it employs compassionate, patient caregivers. In addition to being warm and friendly with children, it also needs to be apparent that your staff members take their jobs seriously. If parents can sense that one of your employees is overwhelmed or doesn’t devote enough individualized attention to their child, they are likely to unenroll from your center in favor of another one as soon as possible.


While the ability to empathize with children is a must, parents also must be reassured that daycare employees have received all required training and obtained the necessary certifications that enable them to work as certified caregivers. In order for your staff members to maintain their state certifications and meet federal regulations, they may be required to have taken multiple courses in early childhood development or child care management. With this being said, it’s vital that you employ trained professionals at your center.


Social skills development

Parents are focused on the development of their children’s socialization skills just as much as they are on academics and learning. Providing a safe space in which children can play and interact with peers is an important determinant when it comes to your enrollment rates. When parents enroll their kids at your facility, they expect them to be taught skills that help them learn how to get along and interact appropriately with other children in the room.


Social development skills are crucial to all aspects of a child’s health and well-being, which is why parents are looking for daycare centers that offer age-appropriate lessons as part of their curriculum. Studies show that the enrichment of early social skills helps children excel, not only in the classroom but throughout life as well!


A clean environment with friendly staff

An emphasis on proper hygiene, sanitation, and overall cleanliness is more important now than ever before, and parents want to be reassured that their little ones won’t be put at risk for illness  A clean environment starts with your employees, who should be required to wear aprons and gloves during feeding times, in addition to consistent hand-washing after all diaper changes, bathroom visits, and feeding times. If your daycare center is not up-to-date on sanitization policies or does not have adequate pest control services in place, this will negatively impact your enrollment rates big time!


Low staff turnover 

Enrollment rates are likely to increase when parents can depend on the consistency of their child’s caregivers. Children benefit developmentally from having stable and nurturing adults in their lives, which includes the staff with whom your child interacts at your center. Parents want their children to experience a sense of stability as this is crucial as youngsters begin to develop meaningful relationships with their caregivers each day. Additionally, when families form a positive emotional attachment to your daycare center, they are more likely to remain enrolled, and maybe even provide referrals to other parents.


A stimulating and well-rounded curriculum

Parents are also looking for child care centers that offer a stimulating and well-rounded curriculum, as your facility will be the first step as children get closer to beginning their academic years.  Teachers at your center need to teach children the skills needed to develop increased independence and self-sufficiency, as well as introduce age-appropriate lessons that will help prepare students for kindergarten. Parents are looking for centers in which staff members have not only the necessary educational training and skills, but also an abundance of patience, nurturing, and creativity in order to provide a positive overall experience for their little ones.



Choosing the right daycare center is of utmost importance to parents. There are many factors that go into making a daycare center a desirable place in which to enroll their children. The last thing you want is to lose potential enrollments due to an oversight or error that could have been easily rectified. Low staff turnover rates, proper sanitation protocols, attentive and properly trained caregivers, and a focus on the development of children’s social-emotional skills are just some examples of what can make a family’s experience positive or negative. With these qualities in mind, your daycare center will be able to attract new families while also providing them with a wonderful experience for their children.


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