If you run a child care center, the safety of all children and adults at your facility must be your top priority. A safe environment is critical. It’s important to take time to ensure that every component of your center is as safe as possible, including your playgrounds, equipment, toys, inside the classrooms, and staffing considerations. No parent should have to find out their child has been injured or is in danger that could have been avoided while in your care.
Taking steps to improve and ensure safety at your center will assure parents that their children are enrolled at the best place. Regardless of the size of your facility, it’s vital to an environment that is as safe and secure as possible. The following suggestions will help ensure safety for all at your child care center.

Follow state and national safety guidelines

Every child care center is required to follow safety rules and regulations put forth at both the state and national levels. Statistics have shown that many of children’s injuries happen at child care centers. This is why  your center has a legal obligation to abide by these rules.
For example, all food items must  be labeled including ingredients and expiration dates before they can be served. The same goes for all pieces of child care equipment. Each piece should have a tag indicating any potential problems or issues, to help prevent risk of children getting hurt during playtime.
You also need to ensure that the certification of your compliance to the state’s standard of care is prominently displayed. This ensures your commitment to the welfare of the children in your care.

Childproof areas that children access most frequently

You can also ensure safety at your center by childproofing any areas to which children are most likely to have access. This includes storing toxic items (like cleaning supplies, or even items like pencils) out of children’s reach, making sure electric cords are kept out of reach from small hands and feet, and putting up safety gates in stairways. You also need to make sure that your classrooms and other learning or play spaces are free of potential hazards (such as open windows and doors.)

Make sure all staff members are trained on health and safety regulations

It’s also vital that you ensure that all employees at your center are trained when it comes to health and safety policies and issues. This will require you to provide annual training for all members of your staff. Employees should also be given ample opportunities for professional development and education, available through industry associations or educational institutions.

Schedule regular inspections

It’s important to conduct regular inspections of all areas of your child care facility so you know if any improvements or adjustments need to be made with regard to equipment, classroom design and layout, or exterior grounds. You may want to employ a company that specializes in child care center inspection and maintenance services. They can help facilitate inspections and improvements if you don’t have the time or ability to do this yourself. By taking these steps, your center will continue to meet state standards of care.

Clean and sanitize all areas regularly

It’s essential that all areas of your center are cleaned and sanitized regularly. Classrooms must be cleaned daily, and toys need to be cleaned at least once a week. Ensure that all members of your staff are given the supplies they need to keep rooms, surfaces, and play spaces clean and germ-free at all times. This is especially important for child care centers that care for children with special needs, or those who are particularly susceptible to germs or infection due to a compromised immune system.

Keep your policies up-to-date

Make sure you keep all of your health and safety policies up-to-date, and ensure they are being enforced consistently. Your child care center rules should be appropriate based on the ages of the children in your care. Take time to thoroughly review and explain each rule to every staff member at your child care center to ensure that all employees understand the “who, what, where, when, and why” when it comes to health and safety policies.
As the owner of a child care business, the safety and welfare of all children and staff needs to be your top priority. Ensuring safety at your center will help to ensure that everything will run smoothly and safely each day for the members of your staff and your children.
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