After-school programs, whether they’re newly implemented or already established, need to be promoted in order to draw enrollees. There’s a good chance that some parents are either unaware or don’t know the specifics of your programs. Advertising is essential if you hope to increase your enrollment. In this post, we will discuss some tips for how to market after school programs effectively.


Before we get to our guide, first we’ll take a look at the importance of marketing your after-school program.


Why is it necessary to market after-school programs?


Every program offered at your school needs a marketing strategy. Effective after-school program advertising will attract parents and let the community know your program exists and why it’s beneficial for children to attend. As a child care business owner, part of your duty is to educate people about the advantages of after-school education.


You cannot become visible or gain support from the community if you don’t implement an organized marketing plan. 


Tips for How to Market Your After-School Program


1. Define Your Ultimate Goal

In order for the benefits of your after-school program to resonate with parents, it’s vital that you determine a unified final goal. Here are some questions to consider as you come up with an objective for your program:


  • What is the main purpose of your after-school program?
  • Which members of the community are you targeting?
  • What important takeaways do you hope for students to gain from their sessions with you?

Focus on these questions to help you determine the most appropriate ad campaign for your target market.


2. Create an Advertising Plan

When you build an advertising plan for your after-school program that encompasses the goals of your center, it will help establish your reputation among the community. After solidifying your center’s name, you’ll start to notice an increase in enrollments.


Your plan needs to clearly outline your after-school program’s goals. Highlight the qualities of your program that will attract parents. These qualities should be the primary focus of your ad campaign. Showcase the aspects of your program that will attract your audience.


It is also necessary to create a campaign to which your audience can relate. Research the following details about your target audience:


  • Where do they go for information?
  • How do they receive news and updates?
  • Which online platforms and types of electronic devices do they use?


Finally, after you list this information, you’ll be able to quickly determine the best forms to display your ads.


3. Get Involved With Your Local Community

Are you a center with a relatively new after-school program? If so, the best way to begin is by getting involved with your local community. Attend community events where you’ll have opportunities to speak with parents. You can also research local parent-teacher organizations and attend their meetings.


Secondly, promote your program through both print and digital media. Discover where parents in your area typically find information related to child care. If they tend to read your local newspaper, find out how to advertise your center there. Local TV and radio stations can also help promote your after-school program. If you’re holding a special event, contact those stations to help you gain exposure.


4. Offer Incentives For Referrals

Your key aim is about more than just creating awareness. Your goal is for parents to enroll their children at your center. How can you get them to promote your program?


It’s important for families to experience your after-school programs first-hand so they can give recommendations to their friends and relatives. This will lead to great word-of-mouth advertising.


As more parents experience your program, your list of referrals will grow. 


You may even offer a discount for first-time enrollments as an incentive for them to give your program a try.


How to Increase Enrollment in Your After-School Programs

  1. Determine who your target audience is
  2. Consider what sets you apart from your competitors
  3. List the tools that you’ll need to implement your campaign
  4. Present your content in a way that entices your target audience


Those are our tips for How to market after school programs effectively to boost enrollments! However, if you’d rather leave the marketing up to the experts, let LCCM help you. We offer services designed to reach your target audience. Contact us today for more information!


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