Today’s topic is all marketing with flyers and door hangers in your neighborhoods. 

As we’re getting closer and closer to launching this new childcare center business that we’ve been using as an example, or again, you can be using this content for any business that you would be launching. 

Putting door hangers and flyers out is one of my favorite tactics. There are a few things that you want to keep in mind before you embark on this journey. 

Nailing Down Your Messaging

The first thing is that you really need to nail down your messaging, your creatives, and your call to action. I’d like to do both, to be honest. With door hangers versus flyers, many will say, “Well, why would you put a door hanger up and a flyer?” The answer I would give is, “Why not?” I mean, the hard cost for something like this is a moot point—pennies on the dollar to get these out there.

It’s time, energy, and imagination versus lots and lots of money. You can hire kids to put these out. You can also go and do it and kind of hustle for your new business. 

It really isn’t a steep investment to get these things printed. However, from a door hanger standpoint to a flyer, the creativity and the call to action are different. This is mainly due to the amount of real estate you’re working with. 

Less Is More

From a content and copy standpoint, I really believe that less is more. But, I really want your call to action to be front and center. Whether you’re trying to drive them to a landing page to learn more or you’re encouraging them to call again, make sure that both of those are tracking. 

You can go as far as having a different number for your door hangers versus your flyers. And then I would even take it a step further—if you’re going to fly or a couple of neighborhoods—I would even encourage you to have different phone numbers for the different neighborhoods. 

The reason for that is what you’re going to do is you’re not just going to do this one time. That is where most small businesses make a huge error. It’s the same thing that I mentioned with direct mail. I would rather you send flyers to the same neighborhood a couple of times than try to hit 10 neighborhoods one time.

I’d rather see you hit two or three neighborhoods multiple times. 

Strong And Clear Call To Action

The call to action for this new childcare center can be many. For example, “become a founding family and we’re offering something really great.” Not just something like, “we’re waiving the enrollment fee or a small percentage off”—you need to have a really good call to action. 

Visual Appeal

I want you to have the door hanger look really visually appealing. It should also be in alignment with your brand standards. I’ve seen a lot of really neat ones—like I just flew around our neighborhood the last week or so about pressure washing. The door hanger was blue in the background and it had little bubbles that looked like water.

It had a really clear call to action of “valued at $199 and call now to secure one of the limited spots that we have.” Then at the bottom, there were a couple of before and after pictures. 

You don’t want to be loading this up with tons and tons of text. I would rather it be a smaller amount of text and be visually appealing. I mean, you can have pictures of kids—you can have a child on one side, then a picture of a doctor on the other side and kind of show the connection of how building the child’s brain can allow them to be whomever they want in the future, for example.

It can be educational. Make it something like “did you know that the newest preschool center is opening?” Here is kind of where you’re opening at so you could have it be a “did you know”, for example.

Bright Colored-background/Flat Lay

With these door hangers, less is really more. You can try out a couple of different concepts or a couple of different offers, and different things like that. I want to make sure that you have that clear call to action that stands out.

I don’t want it to be simply white and black, for example. A lot of these child care centers, they’ve got really bright colors and bright branding, make sure it stands out. 

The other thing I would highly encourage you not to use as a background is anything green. The reason is often it’ll blend in with lawns and different things like that. Basically, look at how you can really make this stand out, and again, a clear call to action.

You could do one of those fun things— “did you know”, “what makes the center completely different” and you can try out a couple more offers. Because we’re aiming to continue to move this where you’re putting out different creative and different things like that as things go forward. 

Door Hangers

Now, if it’s a bigger neighborhood, you can even try and vary the door hangers a little bit, but I will encourage you not to do that and I’ll tell you why in just a second. So, after you’ve got your door hangers, then what I want you to do is you can leverage similar copies for a flyer, and I don’t want them to be, again, black and white.

I want them to stand out. I want you to use the front and the back—so bright I wanted on good cardstock. A lot of the flyers that could get put out there, can be really chintzy, and flimsy, and sometimes they just look cheap. 

Unless you’re selling a $20 tchotchke, but for a new childcare center, if you’re trying to drive enrollments that are worth at least six hundred dollars a month or more, and they’re going to stay for hopefully quite some time, you want to make sure that it appeals to the people that you’re going after those personas.

So it should be nice and bold, and it should have, again, good imagery and a clear call to action. 

Analyzing Your Neighborhood

What you’re going to do then is once you’ve got these made up and whether you’re kind of picking the amount of print run, and you could do that by analyzing neighborhoods. There are lots of different sources and ways to find how many homes are in particular neighborhoods.

And I want you to have something like a Google spreadsheet where you’re tracking the day that you drop things off. Did you drop off door hangers, flyers, or both? And I’d like you to hit a couple of different neighborhoods.

So ideally, there’s a couple of couple hundred homes in each of those neighborhoods. You can start to gauge the performance over the course of a couple of weeks. Do you start to get phone calls quickly? Do they take a little bit of time? Those answers will kind of give you a start to process a little bit of the next step.

Similar to buying traffic, as you start to see positive results, you can continue to raise it. So I like to hit at least a couple of neighborhoods initially. And if you start to see some calls and things like that, add some other neighborhoods.

Mistakes to Avoid

The big mistake that I don’t want you to make is I want you to go back to those first set of houses in that first neighborhood and hit them up again. It doesn’t matter whether you’re leveraging the same flyer and door hangers or something a little bit different. Maybe one of them was red, and the other one is going to be blue, but you don’t have to constantly be doing new offers.

And you can continue to be testing that and you’re constantly testing and the whole goal is to just see what is working best. Are there certain neighborhoods that are working better? Is it a certain flyer that gets more attention and works the best? And you can start to continue to dial in, where you’re gonna go, what neighborhood is next?

Are there certain characteristics that are making that neighborhood continue to perform a little bit better? You can start to look and see all those different things that are taking place. It’s all there in black and white, all in black and white. 

To Conclude

So, make tweaks, and make decisions based on the data but I’m a huge proponent of marketing with flyers and door hangers. It’s a really low-cost tactic to get the word out.

And then as you get closer to an open house, that is one of those where you could do one or two flyers, just promoting the open house in some big event and calm, it’s going to be free, etc. and that’s just another great way to drive awareness. Get out there, make a change, and take some action.