Education is and will continue to be, in high demand, even in the age of a pandemic. Furthermore, the business side of this industry is constant, and marketing promotions will always be a necessity. Not all early education centers have the same marketing requirements, and certain types of centers are harder to promote than others. There will always be competition, so it’s vital that you stay in touch with the latest digital marketing hacks to help increase your enrollment numbers.


A study from The Huffington Post indicates that the average internet user is presented with approximately 11,250 ads per month. Think about it — that’s a lot! Considering all of the noise and chaos in the child care industry, how will you find new and innovative ways to both capture your target audience’s attention and drive them towards your center?


Here are some strategies for your childcare digital marketing plan that can give you an edge over your competitors:


1. Online Reputation Management

Maintaining a positive online reputation can have a direct impact on the number of families that choose to enroll at your center. Reputation management should be an integral part of your childcare digital marketing plan. How will potential parents see your center with regard to the kind of social media presence that you have? Are the social media platforms you use open to accepting and sharing parents’ opinions or experiences at your center? Do you have a sufficient response plan, should your center receive a complaint or negative feedback?


Managing your center’s online reputation involves the liberal and effective use of social media platforms, being aware of which aspects of your center are being discussed, and making sure that all communication channels remain open.


2. Adopt the AIDA Formula

Many marketers now use the “AIDA Formula” as a crucial part of their marketing strategies. “AIDA” stands for:

  • Awareness (or Attention) — help your audience become aware that you have a solution to their problems
  • Interest — make sure that potential families can easily access information about your center when they show interest
  • Desire (or Decision) — sell your center’s services as the only real solution to parents’ concerns, or as being scarce and limited
  • Action — prospects will eventually enroll at your center


This effective marketing strategy has been around for years — since 1898, to be exact. AIDA has been one of the most trusted strategies still being used by many marketers today. AIDA works well on all child care marketing channels to attract your audience’s attention, create a sense of want and urgency, pull on your readers’ heartstrings, and ultimately, provide them with a solution they are looking for.


3. Repurpose Blog Posts

Content recycling is another effective digital marketing hack to help increase enrollment at your center. Reduce, reuse, and recycle previous blog posts — this not only saves you time but also helps promote your content in different ways and on various social media platforms.


Repurposing your blog posts is also one of the most efficient ways you can increase your engagement. There’s not much to it. Simply transform your content into various visual formats, such as an explainer video, infographics, inspirational quotes, or marketing tips, among others, and share them across your social media channels. You can also create a webinar from the blog article or a live stream feed to share with your audience.


The key here is to think outside the box and expand your horizons. Great content can be utilized in so many ways. You don’t have to limit your ideas and your valuable content to one blog post.


4. Continuous Website Update

Keep in mind that Google loves websites that are constantly updated and consistently undergoing positive changes. A website that’s busy with activities not only keeps existing and potential families engaged, but also makes itself more relevant in the eyes of various search engines.


Nothing is more appealing to a reader’s eyes than websites that constantly change and improve over time. If your center is regularly subject to change, why shouldn’t your online counterpart reflect that?



If we have learned anything from the past about digital marketing, it’s that the proven methods are still around, and will stay for quite some time. Keeping your strategies for childcare digital marketing plan simple really does make a difference.


For the best digital marketing results for your child care center, get in touch with us at Local Child Care Marketing. No matter which strategies you use online or offline, we can help grow your business faster.