Daycare business owners are constantly looking for ways to make their daycare stand out from the rest. The best daycare centers are the ones that offer a unique, nurturing, and enriching experience for children. Parents need to feel confident their child is in good hands. Yet standing out among the competition isn’t easy, especially with so many daycare marketing tools to choose from! In this blog post, we’ll take you through some of the most effective daycare marketing tools you can use to generate leads and showcase value for your daycare center.

1) Start with a stellar website

More than 90% of searches for child care take place online. Considering that the vast majority of the new parent demographic is millennials, this certainly makes sense.  According to Google, daycare websites need to include high quality images and videos. And of course your choice of content plays a major role when it comes to having an engaging website. You won’t want to come up with tons of content, only to find that parents aren’t able to find your website. This is where the importance of having citation listings comes in. Listing your center’s physical address, name, and phone number will legitimize your daycare website in the eyes of search engines, therefore helping you rank higher in search results pages.

2) Invest in a CRM tool to make lead management and follow up a breeze

One of the most important marketing tools you’ll want to invest in is a “CRM” system, which stands for Customer Relationship Management. A daycare owner’s time is precious, and it can feel overwhelming when trying to manage parent leads. A lack of lead follow-up is one of the biggest reasons why many centers lose opportunities for enrollments. The trick here is to keep prospective parents engaged. The best way to do that is through email and text follow-up. The best part about utilizing a CRM system is that it includes these features, and is extremely easy to navigate as well.

3) Use automated post scheduling tools to save time on social media

Social media can be a daycare owner’s best friend. Social media platforms can help you connect with prospective parents by showcasing your center’s space, which in turn generates leads for your business. But who has time to post every day when you’re running a busy daycare business? This is why automated post scheduling is so helpful. Block off some time to schedule all of your content in advance so that there will be consistency across your posts.  The best part of this method? There are plenty of free and easy-to-use tools available. Some tools will even tell you the best times to post in order to get the most engagement on your content!

4) Utilize online review platforms

Everyone wants to see daycare centers with tons of happy, smiling faces and glowing reviews. If reviews for your daycare are non-existent (or even worse, more negative than positive) you need to start reaching out to satisfied parents  and request that they leave positive reviews for you. Even if you don’t have any reviews yet, online review platforms like, Yelp, or Google Reviews can help generate some buzz for your daycare business by posting more content, which helps attract prospective parents. Social proof and testimonials are becoming increasingly powerful, so it’s best to make sure your daycare’s reputation is intact!

5) Include the option for a virtual tour

Virtual tours offer parents the convenience  of viewing your center without ever having to step inside. Transparency is key when it comes to daycare centers. Prospective parents want to feel confident that their children will be safe when they leave them in your care. Many parents might not have the time during their day to tour daycare facilities in-person. That’s why daycare owners should consider offering a virtual tour option on their websites. This gives parents the opportunity to feel like they’re walking into your daycare facility themselves. Creating and posting a virtual tour option may sound intimidating at first, but it can be relatively easy. You can do a live virtual tour in which you have the parents join you on a platform like Zoom. That way, parents can ask questions on the spot. Or, if your time is limited, you also have the option to pre-record a tour and send it to parents. Would you prefer something more interactive for parents? Try Google Street View. Parents can navigate through pictures of your center and get a feel for what your center can offer.


Daycare marketing is an on-going process. As a daycare owner, it’s vital that you stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and tools in order to keep your revenue stream afloat and maintain interest from prospective parents. Even though the daycare industry has evolved , it remains one of the most important decisions parents will make when it comes to finding a safe and nurturing environment  for their children.

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