Daycare funding is an essential facet of the child care industry. Regardless of the nation’s economic status, quality child care will always be integral for a functioning society. This is why funding is so important in order to keep a child care business running.

Unfortunately,  many daycare owners are not aware of the many resources available that can help with fundraising. However, there are plenty out there! Keep reading if you want to find some new daycare fundraising ideas and start your daycare fundraiser today!


Apply for grants

One of the most important daycare fundraising ideas is to apply for grants from your state government. Your daycare may qualify as a small business, nonprofit organization, or charity. Your tax documents should indicate that you are registered as a 501(c)(3), and you are therefore eligible for donations. As a registered daycare, this means that you are primarily serving members of the community. This means serving members, especially in lower-income areas. 

You might apply for a state grant designated to help businesses in your area or apply for grants from the federal government. The Federal Government also has funding available through its own program. Additionally, many of these grants are specifically beneficial to small businesses or nonprofit organizations.

These are great options because they typically do not require repayment, unlike some other forms of financial assistance.


Host fundraising events

Obtaining daycare funding through fundraising events is also one of the most effective daycare fundraising ideas. The first step of planning an event is to decide what type of event you want to have because there are many different options! 


A few examples include:


Auctions or other charity fundraisers You can find other local businesses that might be interested in donating products or services to your auction as a form of corporate sponsorship. This will also put their name out there so more people know about their business.

Also, offering volunteer opportunities for any potential bidders at your auction can benefit both parties involved by giving back and making new connections within the community.


Walk-a-thon  You can get the whole community involved by hosting a walk-a-thon near your daycare center or in a local park. This is a great option because it can serve as an exercise event for those who are health-conscious, plus you can even have vendors on-hand selling food and drinks.


Raffle. Another popular way you can engage your community while raising money for your daycare is through a raffle. Not only does the profit go to a worthwhile cause, but you can also leverage strategic partnerships with local businesses to potentially donate a basket or gift certificate to your raffle.

Bake sale  Kids and adults both love treats, which is why bake sales are a great way to get people involved in helping your daycare funding cause! Make sure to ask some local restaurants or bakeries if they’d be interested in donating desserts or even offering free samples of some of their goodies.


Offer additional services

Have you ever considered offering night-time child care at your center? If you have the staff available, this venture could certainly bring in additional revenue.  Perhaps you can offer a babysitting service during the weekends, or even offer a weekly or monthly parent’s night out.


Online fundraising campaigns

These days, more and more people are turning to the internet for donations. Whether you have a website or not, going online is a great way to boost your daycare fundraising efforts! You can create campaigns on sites like GoFundMe, where friends and family can make contributions towards your cause. Additionally, if you are registered as a 501(c)(3) as previously mentioned, you’re even eligible to start a fundraiser on Facebook!


Partner with local businesses to set up a donation jar

Strategic partnerships with local businesses and organizations are mutually beneficial if funds are going toward a worthwhile cause like child care. Consider approaching local businesses in your area and asking to set up a donation jar for spare change. Or you may request that the business ask customers if they’d like to round up their total purchase amount to help contribute to your business.



Use our daycare fundraising ideas as inspiration when starting your next fundraiser for your child care center! These options are all fairly straightforward ways of generating donations while also engaging members of your community. If you need additional assistance with planning an event that is right for your center, reach out to us today! We can help create customized plans that will fit into any budget.