Facebook is a powerful, effective, yet low-cost way to advertise your childcare or daycare. You can either use viral, organic marketing or paid, targeted ads. As a marketing tool, Facebook promotion should play an integral part in your larger marketing plan.
There are billions of people on Facebook, and as people are now spending more time at home, the average time spent on Facebook has increased significantly. Now is the perfect time to reach out to these audiences—parents with children they need to enroll in childcare.
Advertising for daycare businesses is a sensitive topic, since there should be a balance between what you promise and what you can deliver to the parents and children. Facebook promotion for childcare service is a highly competitive landscape for marketing. It is important to have the right ad to draw new visitors and turn them into clients.
If you think Facebook promotion is simply posting any content you want, you might be wasting a lot of time and effort on your marketing campaign. It is important that you utilize the appropriate tools and post the right content to yield positive results.
Here are some tips how you can use to promote your daycare center on Facebook:

1. Establish a concrete set of goals

Before you start making promotions and paying for ads on any platform, make sure you define your goals. What do you want to achieve at the end of this campaign? Some goals you could think of might be:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Boost enrollment or sales
  • Increase market share

By knowing what goals you want to achieve, you will be able to know the specific ads or promotion you can run on Facebook.

2. Choose the various post ideas for your childcare business

There are limitless post ideas you can use. Seeing cute kids in a classroom has become the norm as far as images associated with childcare businesses. To attract parents (and potential customers) to your site and get them connected and engaged, you can use these social media post ideas for promotion:

  • Latest news and events
  • Inspirational child-rearing phrases and motivational quotes
  • Share a video (special events, outdoor time fun)
  • Engage your audience (poll, post an interesting question, trivia, quizzes)
  • Remind your audience what makes you different from the rest

Be as creative as possible with your posts. Engage with your audience on a daily basis. This is essential because when it’s time to make important announcements, you are more likely to get a reaction or response from them.

3. Use testimonials or Facebook reviews to promote your business

Parent’s love to hear other parents’ experiences with your childcare business and you should be able to use that as part of your marketing strategy. Some of the tactics you can use to get useful childcare reviews include:

  • Direct existing clients to your Facebook or Google pages for five-star rating and positive reviews. Make sure to thank those parents and remind them how much you love hearing their positive reviews.
  • Add reminders to your review pages to your social media or email newsletter.
  • Motivate parents to leave feedback or reviews going the extra mile through a discount or special offers.
  • Offer suggestions to parents on what to address in their feedback or reviews.
  • Accept and handle negative feedback gracefully, and work how to improve your service.

If you want to take your Facebook promotion and marketing campaign to a higher level, you can encourage positive reviews on your social media accounts, either by sharing their feedback on a separate post and showing how much you appreciate their effort, or using them for Facebook ads (with their permission).

4. Paid advertising

One of the reasons why a majority of businesses use Facebook promotion is because it offers an affordable marketing program that is beneficial for increasing page prominence and likes. 
Paying for click advertising is one way to advertise your childcare business on Facebook, where Facebook promotes your particular post or your site for a fee.
Set a goal for shares, engagements, likes, or reach that are driven by this form of advertising. You can choose the amount you want to spend or the length of time. When your campaign is over, track and evaluate whether the investment was worth it. And from there, you can decide on the next marketing campaign to implement.

Final Thoughts:

Always remember that while Facebook is an amazing communication and marketing tool, it can also be mismanaged and might cause problems for your business. Be mindful of what you post and think ahead before sharing.
For more ideas on how to promote your childcare business through Facebook, contact Local Child Care Marketing.