Use CouponsA good Daycare marketing plan involves understanding the competition and the needs of your community. Finding gaps in services provided by other local businesses helps define a great online marketing plan.


In addition to an informative website with great content, start a blog to gain trust and promote your business. Use free local directories where customers can write reviews, and be creative.


1. Research Your Competition

The first part of a Daycare marketing plan involves getting familiar with the competition. This will help you identify opportunities and gaps in service. Search the internet for local providers in your area and see what they offer. Make a note of the sites that link to them. Contact the webmasters of these sites and suggest that they link to your business as well. The more sites that link to your site from reputable sites, the higher you rank with the search engines.

2. Find Your Target Customer- and Get to Know Them

Pay attention to the specific values of your customers. Is there a trend? Are most of your customers concerned with quality over price, or are they mostly looking to spend less money? What are some of their key concerns?  Successful daycare marketing begins and ends with identifying a target customer and learning what they are looking for.


Read comments and reviews from other daycare businesses in the area to improve your online marketing strategy.


3. Customize Your Website to Meet Community Needs

This next step in your daycare marketing plan uses the information you collected from steps one and two. Say you learned that most parents in your community care more about quality than cost. Use this information to create content for your website that focuses on the professionalism of your staff.


Remember to include the name of your business in the text of your site and not just on the logo and always list your URL address on emails.


4. Get Your Business Noticed

In addition to developing a well-targeted, creative website, think about starting a blog. This is a great way to share your services and gain trust with potential customers. Remember to create backlinks from credible sites to both your webpage and your blog to increase exposure to your site. List your business on free sites like Google Places and other local directories.


Take advantage of this free real estate and make it a priority to stay up to date with technology. Google Places, for instance, makes it easy to reach customers on the go with mobile coupons!


5. Be Proactive about Advertising

Your daycare marketing strategy should not be limited to classified ads and websites. Use the internet to your advantage. For instance, send newsletters to customers who have provided emails. Add that special touch by sending e-cards for birthdays to both kids and parents. Make sure to talk up promotional activities on your child care blog.


Customer testimonials and reviews also add to your online marketing plan. Don’t be afraid to send out emails with links to your Google Places listing and ask your happiest customers to write a few words.


The best online marketing involves several different things. For daycare marketing, it helps to research both the customer and the competition. Focus on getting your business noticed and be proactive about advertising. Use social media to build trust and get the word out about your business.
Add special touches like sending e-cards and coupons to customers. Follow a strategy that relies on great customer service. Take advantage of the internet for exposure and your daycare marketing strategy should soar.