It’s 2022. It’s a time when almost every single business, no matter how small, has developed its own website. So, why are so many preschools hesitant? More importantly, why are you?

A preschool website is just as vital to your day-to-day operations as increasing your enrollment is. In fact, your website can often be what drives your enrollment increase. Parents aren’t likely to trust their children with just anyone.

And, while they’ll be painstakingly thorough in evaluating your credentials and background, your preschool’s website is what makes them do so in the first place. Parents want to know that your preschool is a legitimate and professional business.

Many preschool providers are simply content to rely on listings under local directories and citations. And, while directory listings are invaluable to have, they won’t drive the same level of enrollment as a professionally designed and maintained website. More importantly? Parents need access to information at any given moment, which is something that they can’t get from a directory listing.

If you haven’t thought about developing and maintaining your preschool website, here are the top 5 reasons why you should start today.

Attract New Enrollees

If you’ve ever moved to a new city, you’ve probably researched its amenities beforehand. And, there’s a very strong chance that you conducted the majority of your research online. Yet, according to a recent survey from Visual Objects, more than one-third of small businesses don’t currently have a website.

Imagine that you’re a new parent. Spending time verifying the credibility of a preschool is not an option. You don’t have an enormous amount of time to scroll through review sites and citations. Narrowing down schools based on their content, professionalism, and their relevance to your family’s needs is a challenge for you.

Preschool websites can provide this first-hand information to parents—and at a considerably lower cost than you might think.

Entice New Employees

Any successful business will look to expand at some point. And for many of them, that means increasing their staff size. Developing a preschool website not only shows potential employees that you’re a qualified, professionally run business, but it can also demonstrate to prospective families how seriously you take your role as a preschool operator.

Distinguish Your Preschool

Because every preschool will differ (at times significantly) in its curriculum and specialties, your preschool website can serve as a medium that highlights your preschool’s unique strengths and educational philosophy. Don’t just list your degrees and certifications. Most parents will probably consider your credentials to be among their top priorities, to begin with.

Instead, focus on what distinguishes your school from others. Do you offer extended drop-in and drop-off hours? Evening care? Do you provide transportation? Do you have a faith-based focus? Don’t just think of your services as simple amenities.

Think of them as added bonuses for your families—bonuses that can go a long way in distinguishing your center from your competitors. 

Keep Parents Informed

The average parent has more on their plate on any given day than you might suspect. So, the chances of remembering school events, child progress meetings, and field trip outings can sometimes be slim. Automated email reminders can sometimes help, but they also frequently get lost amongst spam emails.

You’ll probably find that parents are more apt to review your site regularly than to respond to a mass email. Not only can your website allow for reminders, but your site can also display the progress that your students are making by showcasing regularly updated photo galleries and reports. 

Reach Out To Your Community

A key element to remember is that you’re not just running a preschool. You’re a vital part of your community, providing a necessary resource to its constituents. Parents are likely to support a business that gives back to their community. Your preschool website is just as much a form of community outreach as it is marketing.

It’s what ties you to both your neighborhood and the people around you. And, it can help give back just as much as it can attract.

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