Have you been thinking of starting a blog for your child care center? Awesome! We’re here to help. Many people get into blogging because they want to share their opinions and experiences, which is great. But keep in mind, that there’s more to blogging than just posting content about your childcare center. You also have to make sure that your content is reaching your target audience, which means it needs to be “search engine optimized”, or” SEO-friendly”.

How to write SEO friendly blog posts? In this post, we’ll discuss a few ways that you can use to write SEO friendly blog posts that will help increase traffic and visibility on your child care center’s blog.


1. Come up with a keyword strategy

Coming up with an effective keyword strategy is arguably the most important part aspect on how to write SEO friendly blog posts.  A keyword strategy helps you figure out which keywords you need to include in your child care center’s blog posts, based on how much online traffic each keyword typically receives. It’s important to choose keywords that will give your blog an edge over your competition, and make it easier for people who are searching online to find exactly what they’re looking for.


For example, if someone is searching by using the phrase “child care services”, chances are high that that person is in need of child care services or is trying to compare child care centers. In this case, writing content using a title that incorporates the keywords “How To Choose The Right Child Care Center” would be effective, since many parents of young children are likely to search Google using phrases like these.


Dedicate some time to exploring different online tools that will help you identify keyword search volume.  There are many of these tools out there to help with your child care center blog’s SEO, which means you’ll have a relatively easy time finding which keywords will work best for you.


2. Write informative blog posts

Make sure each of your posts includes a variety of beneficial information related to early childhood and child care. Yes, people want to read engaging and entertaining content, but posting informative content is useless if nobody can find it! An essential part of your keyword strategy should be to include relevant topics that appeal to your target audience. We recommend taking a look at the topics and keywords that your competitors use in their blogs. You can also utilize an online keyword tool to help you see which topics and keywords are trending. Ideally, your blog posts should be:


  • Unique and engaging – Include interactive elements and eye-catching infographics in your blog posts, and include eye-catching 
  • Easy to read and understand – Remember to use a conversational tone so that your content is more easily “digestible” for your readers.
  • Longer than 500 words: We encourage you to create blog posts that are at least 500 words for better search optimization.

3. Ensure that your headings are optimized

When you write blog posts for your child care center, make sure your headings (especially your first one) are optimized for SEO. This means your headings should be descriptive regarding your content and include a relevant keyword or phrase that will help people find your childcare center’s blog more easily when they search using certain keywords.   “H1”, “H2”, and “H3” tags all refer to headings and subheadings, respectively.

When structuring your blog posts with headings, make sure that these headings are descriptive and provide an overview regarding the main parts of your blog posts.


4. Use appropriate images

Images can go a long way when it comes to getting more engagement on your child care center blog’s content! They can also help you attract and increase overall page views, bringing higher traffic to your childcare blogs. Make sure not to overcrowd your posts with too many images, because this can distract readers from the main ideas you’re trying to convey through text.


5. Utilize link-building

Link-building is a great strategy when it comes to writing SEO friendly blog posts. This helps you increase your childcare center’s web presence. Link-building refers to the process of including links in your child care blog posts that lead back to other pages on your child care center website, or to content on third-party websites outside of your main site. You may be wondering why this matters. Linking out will help with your SEO because search engines, like Google, tend to value quality and relevant external links over internal ones (meaning they’re more likely to bump up your rankings if there are reputable sources linking back).

Make sure not to spam though! Don’t just include a bunch of random links without having a real purpose behind each one. You’ll also be penalized by Google if your blog includes too many unnatural outgoing links, so stick with only using links on topics to your blog.



Chances are, your website is the first place prospective parents will look to help them find information about your child care center. It’s essential that your site gives an accurate and positive representation of what they can expect from your center. You can do this by providing all of the necessary resources and educational materials in your blog posts and on your website. Many centers use SEO for their blogs as a way to boost their web presence and increase overall traffic to their website.

This is likely to only become more competitive as time goes on. To ensure success with this strategy, make sure you follow these guidelines when creating posts for your center.  Use images or graphics, create title headers at the top of each post, write posts that are long enough and include keywords, and remember to link back to other blog posts within your site to increase your rankings.


Do you need help with your SEO strategy for your child care center’s blog? Contact Local Child Care Marketing for a free consultation!