SEO has always been a bit of a mystery to most people. On the surface it seems straightforward enough: figure out what people are searching for and set yourself up so that they find you when they go searching.

With every other business in your industry all doing the same thing, one of the tricks is to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Then there are the numbers:

  • Over 40,000 searches per second on Google alone (3.5 billion per day)
  • 15% of all searches are for terms Google has never seen before
  • Google considers as many as 200 different factors when deciding which results to show
  • There are literally hundreds of search engines. Many of them are highly specialized or base their results on other search engines. Even among those that generate their own unique results, there are still several dozen.

With all of these numbers, it is easy to see how you could quickly become lost among hundreds of others. That is why it is important to learn and understand what factors go into determining the SEO rankings, so you can better strategize how to get your Childcare Business at the top of the search list. 

Let’s be honest, it isn’t easy getting your Childcare SEO to rank highly, but keep reading if you want to learn some tricks.

  1. Use keywords throughout your header and text. This will make you stand out when someone types them in their search, so it is good to have lots of them consistently throughout your work.
  2. When writing, keep your clients in mind. Parents searching for childcare are going to be looking for specific childcare needs: “Daycare near me”, “childcare math tutors”, “weekend childcare”, “overnight childcare”, and so on. Anticipate these consumer needs and include these kinds of phrases in your text, so they will pop up with the search. 
  3. Google and Bing give businesses a free page on their search engines. Known as Google My Business and Bing Places, both help increase chances of being seen in top results for childcare in the area, as well as in places like Google Maps. Did we mention it’s free?
  4. Citations indicate business contact information. From local address to the phone number to hours of operation. If you link the online business directories (another term for citations) to your business website, it will boost your childcare SEO rankings, because search engines tend to trust these sites.
  5. Be sure that your business name and contact information are consistent on different sites. Local SEO reads even slight differences like 2 and two different. 
  6. Provide local content. Talk about what’s going on in the neighborhood. Discuss recent news, events, and activities in the community. On your website, list any entertainers, businesses, teachers, etc. who you hire to come to your Childcare Center. Provide links to their websites if they have one, and perhaps write a small section where you discuss what they do for your business and what their credentials are.
  7. Your reputation matters. Search engines look to provide the most reliable results. So if you have lots of bad reviews, chances are you won’t be #1. The good news is, there are ways to fix those bad reviews.
  8. Website security is essential to a high-ranking childcare SEO result. Web surfers do not want to click on websites that may give them malware or compromise their online security. Invest in securing your website, for the safety of your content, as well as the safety of your customers.
  9. SEO is all about being where your customers are. In a Mobile world, your website should be mobile too. Optimizing your content so that it is accessible on a mobile device will make it accessible to more consumers, thus boosting SEO ranking.

You are one in 7,643,596,830 people in the world, and now that you have read this blog, you have an edge on most of them. So get out there, get yourself a better Childcare SEO ranking, and start generating more new business.

If you need help, Local Childcare Marketing (LCCM) is a full-service advertising agency specializing in helping preschools, daycare centers, and others in the childcare industry to succeed and thrive. Contact us today to find out all that we can do for you.