Child care marketing can feel complicated and stressful for child care center owners. How can you increase enrollment at your child care center? What child care marketing tactics work, and what is not worth the effort? You could have the best child care center within 100 miles. How do parents find out how great your child care center is? This is where child care marketing strategies come into place.


There are so many different child care marketing tactics. How do you prioritize and strategize? Start thinking about your child care marketing tactics by focusing on the parents who are looking for you.


Why Do I Need Digital Child Care Marketing Strategies?

Childcare marketing strategies | Local Child Care Marketing If you solely rely on word-of-mouth for your enrollment, you are missing out on a large sector of your target market. Word-of-mouth is still incredibly important to building your reputation, but right now we are going to discuss your online presence.


There are so many different online platforms and child care marketing services. How can you possibly begin to understand what you really need to build your reputation online and improve enrollment? Let’s break it down. The foundation of online child care marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO? SEO refers to the process of helping your website show up on top result pages of search engines like Google. Why does it matter? Imagine you are a parent looking for a nearby child care center. What is fast and takes very little effort? Searching online. A parent will likely search for “child care near me” on a search engine to get a sense of what the local child care options are.


Now let’s take it a step further. When was the last time you — yes, YOU! — went to the second page of search engine results when you were looking for something? People will more likely change the words in a search before going to the second page of results.


How do you compete for a coveted spot on page one of search engine results? It starts with SEO. You do this with elements like strong web content, on-page SEO, directory listings, and reputation management.


1. Breaking Down the Elements of SEO

Child Care Marketing solutions | Local Child Care Marketing What is of fundamental importance to your child care marketing plan? Start with a good web copy. Does your website only have a few words? Are you properly explaining who you are and what makes your child care center great? You want to make sure your website has good quality information that is well-written for potential families to view. If your content is poor, parents will move on to the next site and search engines will penalize your website.


Once you have great content, you need to optimize it! This process involves using key terms and phrases that parents might search when looking for a child care center. Add links to other sites parents may find useful.


You can also build your SEO with regular blogging. Give parents child care advice or answer frequently asked questions to help parents see you as a credible authority. Parents are more likely to enroll their children in a center that has helped owners willing to share tips and tricks with parents.


2. Building Your Child Care Center’s Online Reputation

Building and maintaining your online reputation is one of the most important things you can do for your child care center. Did you know that 8 out of 10 parents will trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation?


You want high ratings and positive reviews on review sites like Yelp and Facebook since potential parents are likely to read reviews and look at ratings before visiting your child care center. In the child care marketing world, you will also want to focus on Angie’s List and


People who are not satisfied with a business are far more likely to tell everyone about it than people who had a good experience. If somebody shares a poor experience at your child care center, you want to reply positively and make sure that person feels like their concerns have been heard. Local Child Care Marketing can help you with this daunting task through our Reputation Management Program.


3. Local Child Care Marketing

We have mainly been touching on what you can do online, but what can you do offline? Many child care centers find these child care marketing tactics successful, so we decided to share them with you! If you can speak at or participate in a church or neighborhood event, take advantage of that opportunity. It can be worth it to buy out an ad in a local church or community newsletter.


Hold an open house event at your child care center. This will take some planning and marketing of its own, but it gives parents the opportunity to see your center and imagine how their children will do at your child care center. Give yourself at least a month and a half to spread the word about the event so you can have a good turnout. Put up flyers in local churches and businesses where parents can see them. On the big day, put your best foot forward with some festive decorations like balloons!


Another great child care marketing option is a postcard campaign. You can get optimal results by sending out 3 rounds of 500 postcards. Send postcards about your child care center to families with young children who have just recently moved to the area. These are the parents who are looking for child care centers in their new community, and you have the solution! Many companies specialize in mail campaigns and can help you with this child care marketing service.

Local Child Care Marketing Services

We have barely skimmed the surface of all the child care marketing tactics you can use. Digital child care marketing can seem like a lot on top of everything else you have to manage as a child care center owner. That is why we are here to help.


Local Child Care Marketing offers various child care marketing solutions so parents can find your child care center! We can also help you structure your child care marketing strategy based on your budget.


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