A blog can be one of the most critical components of growing your business. In addition to being a cost-effective marketing tool, a blog is also a great tool to promote your brand. It helps you build trust and loyalty among both your prospective and current clients and customers. Updating your blog consistently can become a long-term business asset. This helps you more than just inform and educate your readers.

For example, you can utilize a marketing blog to share your childcare center’s personality and brand with potential clients while keeping your existing customers up-to-date. When you create a childcare marketing blog, it enables you to share your knowledge and expertise. You can talk about numerous aspects of childcare.


This content can be accessed by people not just in your target market, but across the world. Ultimately, this will let you establish yourself and your brand as an expert and authority in your particular niche. Through your blog posts, parents, owners of childcare centers, and even many others will regard you as a reliable source of information in the childcare industry. 

Key Elements of A Childcare Blog

Before we jump into how to create your blog, take a moment to review these four key elements:

  • Audience — you are writing to and for parents of young children
  • Relevance — the articles you write in your blogs should always be relevant to your customers, location, and most importantly, your brand or business
  • Consistency — when you post regularly, you will reach more parents and potential clientele 
  • “E.A.T. Google” — “E.A.T” (which stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness) is an acronym that will help your blog rank well in a Google search. Keep this in mind as you create blog posts that best showcase your website as a source of high-quality information related to childcare.

Here are some childcare blog ideas and tips for topics and content you may want to include in your childcare-related blog posts:

1. Daily Routines

One of the common childcare blog ideas that is a very useful topic for any childcare blog is discussing your center’s daily routine and the ways in which your staff members interact with the children and each other during daily activities.


This is excellent information, especially for those parents who are exploring their childcare options. Through this type of blog, parents may also enjoy some nostalgia as they read about “a day in life” at your childcare center.

2. Testimonials/Reviews

Testimonials are proof of how great your center is, as viewed by your valued clients. Once you receive a heartfelt testimonial or a positive review of an experience that has significantly impacted a family or a parent, share that story on your blog, website, and social media platform immediately! 


You can create an infographic, a short video, or a write-up to share these stories. Showcasing a rave review is a great way to let the world know about how a real family’s experience with your childcare center has made a difference in their lives.

3. Staff Stories

Show your readers that you are proud of your team and staff members at the center. This is one of the most highly effective childcare blog ideas. Help your audience get to know the members of your staff better by featuring them on your blog periodically.


You can do this by asking your team members to answer some silly questions and having them post their answers with their photos on the blog, or share each of their stories one by one. Building personal relationships with your prospects is a great way to gain their trust and loyalty.


What better way to connect with prospective families than introducing them to your team, many of whom will be the people they will trust to take care of their kids at your center?

4. Step-by-step Instructions

You can also use your blog to showcase some of the crafts, songs, games, and other activities teachers are doing with the kids at your center, including step-by-step instructions for each. This can help parents recreate these activities at home with the whole family.

5. S.A.Q.’s (Should Ask Questions) /F.A.Q.’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Take a moment to think about the typical topics and questions that clients and parents tend to ask you. Also, take into account which aspects they should consider when exploring childcare centers. Take these “SAQs” and “FAQs” and turn them into an article to post on your website or your blog.

You can either create a blog series from the list of questions, addressing each topic or question in-depth, or you may want to write one comprehensive blog post that covers all of the questions and topics in one.


For every marketing blog that you write about your childcare center (regardless of what type), always include a “C.T.A.” which means a “call to action”. This lets parents know what steps they need to take after reading your marketing blog. Suggest that they call you or get in touch with you to discuss their childcare needs, and “soft sell” your center at the end of each blog.

If you want to learn more about making the most out of blog posts for your childcare marketing, get in touch with us today!