Branding for any business is essential, especially so when your business is a child care center. Branding is about more than just helping people know your name. It also helps you gain legitimacy in the eyes of your target audience. This may seem like a daunting task when you run a small operation, but it doesn’t have to be! Keep reading for some “Branding 101” tips that will help you get started on the right foot when it comes to developing your child care center’s new branding strategy.


Coming up with your mission statement

The first step in “Branding 101” is to come up with a mission statement for your child care center. Your mission statement should be short and sweet. The purpose of your mission statement is to sum up what you do in just a few words. You may decide to write it yourself or invite some employees to brainstorm together. Regardless of how you create your mission statement, make sure that all of your staff members know what your mission statement says! Once your employees understand your center’s core values, your branding efforts will feel more authentic and credible when going out into the world.


Creating an identity

Now that you’re armed with a strong mission statement, start thinking about ways to incorporate these ideas into every aspect of your center, from marketing materials to social media posts. No branding strategy is complete without a solid brand identity. As long as you keep your words, imagery, color scheme, and any other identifying features of your brand consistent across all aspects of your online persona, your center will become more recognizable to your target audience, and beyond. Consider branding your business with a specific color palette or standard font in order to help you stand out from your competition. Then, use the same branding touches consistently across all of your marketing methods, including your website, social media profiles, and some of your more traditional marketing methods (like flyers.)


Create your buyer persona

Determining your target audience can be difficult without knowing exactly whom you are targeting. This is where the importance of having a detailed buyer persona comes into play.  A key piece of ‘Branding 101” is creating a buyer persona that will help you better understand the people who are most likely to enroll their children at your center.


So what exactly is your ideal “buyer persona”? Essentially, your goal is to come up with an idealized version of your target customer. Ask yourself questions like


  • What is the age range of the parents you want to target? 
  • Where do they live? 
  • Are most of your target parents married or single? 
  • What do they do for a living? 
  • What type of lifestyle do they have?  

Perhaps your ideal parent is married, has a demanding full-time job at a nearby corporate office, enjoys spending time with family, and prefers to remain updated about his or her child throughout the day. Coming up with a fictional person whose background is similar to that of your target audience will help you determine what is most likely to resonate with them.


Keep it short & sweet

The easier information is for people to read and remember, the more effective your branding efforts will be. This means that your branding materials need to be brief and concise.  Instead of trying to stuff every detail of your center’s branding into one sentence, try to come up with a short tagline that can be used across all of your branding materials. After all, nobody wants to wade through a bunch of jargon when they’re trying to find the right child care for their children. This will help your branding become more consistent and memorable without losing anything important!


Research your competitors

When you’re developing branding for your child care center, it’s important to know who your competition is, and what they’re doing. Instead of using colors or fonts that are similar to your competitors, take a look at the ways in which they’re branding themselves, and see if there’s anything specific about their business goals, color scheme, or branding materials that resonate with an audience. Of course, the goal is to be inspired and come up with your own branding. However, knowing what types of branding techniques your competitors are using can help you create a unique brand identity that will work best for the child care business.



The days of just having a name and logo on your child care center door are over. If you want to attract more clients, it’s essential that you invest in branding. A Strong and consistent brand identity will help draw potential customers to your door, while also ensuring potential families know what sets your center apart from others like yours. With so many different types of child care facilities out there, we know how important it is for parents to find one with an identifiable voice and clear message.


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