Does your child care center have a website? When was the last time you updated your child care website? Does your daycare center’s website follow current trends of child care website designs? Who is maintaining or updating your child care website?
Learn how to improve enrollment by making your child care website appealing and easy to use. You can start by incorporating some of the best child care website design practices.

Your Child Care Website Design Priorities87261664 Girl Laptop Confused

Did you know that visitors judge your website on average within the first three seconds? You have a small window of time to introduce your child care center to visitors. As you look through child care website inspirations, keep your priorities in mind. Is the text readable?

If parents cannot read the text on your website, they will move on and switch to the next search result that is easier to read. Just like that, you lost a potential enrollment opportunity.
Is your child care website design easy to navigate? Make your menu options above the scroll-line clear and easy to understand for all visitors.

If visitors cannot easily find the information they are looking for, they will move on to the next child care center website.
Does the website take a long time to load? If your child care website design takes a long time to load, you may be in trouble.

Parents will grow impatient and move on to the next search result. Many surveys show that over half of web users will leave a web page if it does not load within three seconds. You can reduce your bounce rate and retain website visitors if your child care website design loads quickly.

The Best Child Care Websites Leave a Good First Impression

child care website design, image of child holding thumbs up
Leave a good first impression on the child care website design.

Your daycare center website should show personality and be fun. One of the worst things about your child care website design is to be too boring. You want to come off as professional but also make sure parents want to spend time on your website.
Do not sell your child care center short with a boring website. If your website is boring, parents can quickly guess that their children will be bored at your child care center all day. At the same time, you want to know that parents can find all the important information on your child care website.

Child Care Website Design Themes and Color Schemes

There are website design themes specifically built for child care centers. If you are looking for the quickest process to market your child care center, you may want to try one of these child care website themes. Child care website themes will already give the feel of a child care website. This way you can minimize the amount of time you spend building your child care website.
As you look online for child care website inspiration, you may notice that most child care websites have a light background. Let’s break this down for a minute. What is your first impression when you visit websites dominated by dark colors?

If you were a parent looking for child care services, how would you respond to the child care center whose website background is black? As you find the best child care website design for your business, keep the first impression and parent experience in mind.

Mobile Responsive Child Care Website Designs

child care website
Is your child care website mobile-friendly?

Make sure your website theme or design is mobile responsive. A parent should be able to view your child care’s website on a smartphone or tablet with ease. Many people browse on their smartphones or tablets while at home.

Even if there is a home computer or laptop available, most people will still opt to browse on mobile devices due to accessibility and ease.
Most popular child care website designs should automatically be mobile responsive.

You still will want to double-check before you spend too much time on a daycare website design. You will want to make sure that any adjustments you make to your website also work on the mobile version of your website. Local Child Care Marketing makes sure your child care website design is mobile responsive.

Make Your Contact Info and Call to Action Visible

Do not give families with potential students a chance to say they could not find your phone number or how to enroll their child in your child care center. Include a call to action or link visible on each web page somewhere. Many of the best child care website designs place important information at the top of the website.

Important information includes your child care center’s address and phone number. This way nobody can miss it! If you find a fun and cool child care website design that does not give you the opportunity to include your phone number above the scroll-line, try again.

Child Care Website Designs with Local Child Care MarketingLocal Child Care Marketing

Local Child Care Marketing can help you promote your child care business with child care website design and development. With our website development services, we can cut your bounce rate by minimizing your website loading time.

Our website development service includes domain name registration, Premium WordPress Theme, and a custom header. We also provide social media integration across various platforms. These are just a few of the services included within the website development offer.

Our advanced child care website development package adds on to the standard package with features like a premium slider that includes calls to action. The advanced option also includes up to five web pages of premium content.

Our premium child care website development package goes a step further to give you the best results. The premium option includes a custom website design and an email setup or migration for up to twenty email addresses.

We also provide up to ten web pages of premium content with this offer.
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