The child care industry is a major facet of our society. As the owner of a daycare center, you are providing an important service to parents who need safe and reliable care for their children during the day. It can be difficult to attract new families to your center if they don’t know anything about it, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope! Reaching new audiences requires more than just handing out fliers and relying on word-of-mouth.


Leveraging a comprehensive branding strategy for daycare centers will ensure that you are reaching new audiences and advancing your reputation as an excellent child care center. Keep reading about some of the best branding strategies for daycare!


1. Define Your Daycare’s Mission

Coming up with a mission statement for your daycare should be one of your first steps when you develop your branding strategy. Think about the reasons why you started your childcare business in the first place, or what makes your daycare stand out from the rest.


Whether it’s an emphasis on serving your community or giving children a safe environment in which they can express themselves, be sure to highlight this information in the branding strategy for your daycare.


2. Set Your Core Values

Once you have defined the mission of your daycare, it is important to think about what you value most as an organization. Defining these values will usually come into play as you establish your brand identity, but may also be used in developing marketing strategies to reach specific audiences. 


For example, if one of your core values is “Community Development”, you may want to do some outreach to local schools and places of worship so parents can learn about what your center offers.


3. Design Your Brand Logo

Every daycare should have a logo that not only catches the eye but also reflects your center’s core values. One of the most common ways to design your logo is by taking inspiration from other brands, but be sure to keep your design unique and true to your center’s identity. You can also use photos or images that reflect what goes on at your center. For example, if your daycare has an art room, you might compile collages using children’s artwork as part of your logo.


Or, if one of your core values emphasizes early childhood development, perhaps you can incorporate imagery of building blocks in your logo. Creating a logo entails translating your core values into a visual icon that represents your center’s mission as a whole, and will require some thought and creativity.


4. Utilize Social Media

Another great way to promote your daycare’s brand is through social media. In addition to providing an effective means of connecting with your current parents, you can also use social media for advertising purposes. Facebook has become one of the most popular ways to help facilitate a branding strategy for a variety of reasons.


You can post pictures of all of the wonderful activities and faces around your center. Similarly, engage in conversations about daily events while representing your core values. Consider including imagery that speaks to what your daycare stands for. For example, if you place an emphasis on education, post pictures of children participating in academic lessons.


Share engaging posts that exemplify your core values and overall brand. You can also encourage users to share your posts as well. There are plenty of ways to incentivize your followers who share your content. Run a contest and offer a gift card to the person who generates the most shares and engagement.


5. Try Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is a great way to target new audiences, increase visibility, and advance your daycare brand. It helps bring your center to the attention of people who might otherwise not know about it. This can be achieved through Facebook ads or by using Google Adwords.


Both of these services allow users to purchase ad space so that their posts show up on targeted searches. These searches include certain terms and help reach people who engage with certain pages. Paid traffic will help you capture your audience without you having to rely solely on an organic reach!



Branding your daycare doesn’t have to be a daunting marketing initiative. Take the time to figure out exactly what it is that defines your facility. Once you know, use these core values as the foundation for all of your promotions and social media posts.


Your branding will become increasingly recognizable over time. Furthermore, it will help people understand why they should choose your center over any other! If you want some guidance as you establish your center’s brand, give us a call today for a free consultation.


Here at Local Child Care Marketing, we offer a variety of ways to support you as you develop an effective brand strategy that will not only attract new clients but also keep them coming back again and again.