Having an updated and comprehensive website is an essential component of any modern-day business, including child care. Parents can search the internet for nearby facilities that offer quality child care services with just a few clicks. As a child care business owner, it’s imperative to understand how crucial it is to have a website compete with other local centers and ensure success. If you haven’t created a website for your center yet, now is the time to start. Here are the top seven reasons why child care businesses need to have a childcare website.

1. A childcare website legitimizes your childcare business

A childcare website instantly lends credibility to your business. Your website shows parents that you’re serious about providing quality and professional child care. Parents who view various child care websites expect their business owners to vet them. A website should include all your contact information and other necessary resources parents may need, such as pictures of your facility, staff profiles, and additional vital information.

2. Your website is where potential customers find you

It may be possible for your prospective customers to find out about your services by word-of-mouth or by seeing your center around town. However, you don’t have to limit yourself. Give parents access to your website as a more effective way to let them know about your business. A childcare website allows you to connect with potential customers 24/7.

3. Your website makes your child care services more easily accessible

A website will make it easier for parents to contact you because all of the information they need is right there at their fingertips. You can also use an online scheduling system to set up appointments for child care services. Parents can schedule appointments around their work hours and schedule. It means less time spent on phone calls or rushing to meet deadlines after work or school pick-up.

4. A website drives traffic back to your child care facility

Your website is your online billboard. You can use it to share information about tuition deals, promotions, coupons, or other childcare-related services. Remember, your website isn’t just a tool to attract new customers. It’s also a way for you to stay in touch with existing families. Updating any changes or developments regarding your child care facility will help drive traffic back and re-engage existing customers.

5. A website makes marketing easier

The success of your child care business depends on the level of trust parents place in you when they leave their children in your care. A childcare website helps parents obtain information more quickly about your facility. You may include important information, including hours of operation, location, staff qualifications, programs, and curriculum. All of these things lead to increased brand awareness for your center and, ultimately, more customers.

6. Your website helps your child care business rank higher on Google

Search engines prioritize websites on their search results pages that update regularly. Search engine crawlers prioritize modified websites. It is especially true if new content is up-to-date and your website’s design is optimized for “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization). If you haven’t worked on your childcare website or aren’t sure how to optimize it for SEO, now is the best time to do so. Do it before your center gets left behind the competition. With an effective website, you can significantly improve your rankings. It will also help you reach more parents looking online for child care services like yours.

7. Your website can help you create and maintain relationships with prospective and existing customers

A website is the face of your child care business. Your website is the best way to create and maintain relationships with parents interested in child care services like yours. A website can include interactive features, such as web forms for child care service requests, blog posts, email subscriptions, forums, and a Q and A section to help you communicate with current or potential customers.

Having a quality childcare website is vital for the success of any daycare center. LCCM offers integrated digital and offline marketing solutions specifically designed for a child care business. We exist for only one reason: to help you, the child care owner, create and maintain your web presence, dominate business directory listings and search engines in your market, generate enrollments through paid advertising opportunities, and put your center on the map.