Just like any other business, a child care center needs an effective marketing system in place in order to thrive. Whether your business is a start-up or an established center, a sound marketing strategy is a crucial element if you want to get more customers in your doors. However, marketing a child care center can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. 


If you’ve ever felt like your marketing efforts aren’t working, then this guide will teach you what you need to do to attract more eyes to your business and bring more families to your center.


1. Establish Your Daycare’s Branding

Coming up with your “brand” is the first step in marketing an establishment of any kind, but it can be especially challenging for child care centers, as there are so many different types of brands from which to choose (such as private licensed providers, learning centers, etc.) The key here is choosing a brand that resonates with you and will appeal to your target audience. Your brand needs to be something that will help your center be easily recognized and make you stand out. 


Once you’ve chosen this aspect of your business’s identity, think about how it will be reflected on every touchpoint, including website design and social media posts. It should also inform other aspects of your marketing strategy, like signage and advertising campaigns as well.


2. Utilize Online Marketing

A 2017 research found that more than half of all internet users go online to find a child care facility. This is exactly why it’s crucial for you to have a website. And more importantly, it should stand out and make your child care center seem like an attractive option.


You will also need to make use of social media marketing and local “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) if you want people in your local community to know what you’re about and what types of programs your center offers. 

Build Your Website

Start with your website. If your center doesn’t have a website yet, now is the best time to create one. Your site should include the following,

  • A Homepage.
  • An About Us page that discusses your company’s mission statement and values.
  • Locations (if you’re not local), A “FAQs” section for frequently asked questions.
  • Testimonials from satisfied parents.

Be sure your website is constantly updated with new content and features to keep it fresh and current, and to ensure that your customers are engaged. 


Social Media Pages

Social media is another essential tool for marketing a child care center. With different social media platforms available, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube, you can reach more prospective parents who are looking for child care centers. When using social media, bear in mind that your approach is about more than just accruing “likes” and followers.


It’s also about genuine engagement with your followers. It’s vital that you post informative, useful, entertaining, and relevant information that is also highly shareable. 


Additionally, be sure you don’t spread yourself too thin across all social media channels. Start with two or three platforms. Find out where your target audiences tend to spend the majority of their time.  You can always expand your presence to new platforms later.


Business Directories

If you own a local child care center and aspire to reach more parents and families in your community, consider having your business registered in business directories like Yelp or Yellowpages. This will provide you with an online presence and reach customers who search for child care online.  This in turn helps improve your site’s Google ranking. 


3. Invest in Childcare Marketing Materials  

Creating your own daycare marketing materials is another way of spreading the word about your center. Some ideas to consider include posters, business cards, flyers, catalogs, and brochures.   


Create appealing, attractive brochures that showcase your center’s inviting atmosphere and exciting programs. A well-designed flyer is another great marketing tool since you can easily distribute these at events or by staff members. A comprehensive catalog is also a good idea if you offer any specific classes (such as art classes) since this will contain detailed information about program features like each class’s curriculum and pricing.


Distribute these materials strategically. Post flyers everywhere around town for maximum visibility and exposure. Hand them out to prospective clients right away during consultations, and you can even give them to your center’s existing clients.



Getting the word out about your child care center is one of the most crucial steps you need to take in order to increase your enrollment and continue growing your business. 


At LCCM, we offer integrated digital and offline marketing solutions, specifically designed for a child care business like yours. Visit our website to learn more today!