Opening up a new daycare center means promoting your business and implementing strategies to attract parents. Putting together an effective marketing strategy for your daycare center may seem like an expensive and time-consuming process. Most daycare center directors/owners/educators assume they only need to think about it once or twice a year.


Promoting your daycare center can be one of the biggest challenges a business owner may face, especially when there are so many competitors sharing the market. However, utilizing online marketing is a great way to help your daycare center stand out from the others and increase your enrollment rates. So, how does one attract customers online?


Whether you’re just starting out in this industry, or you’re already a seasoned daycare center owner/provider, this article about marketing tips for daycare centers will help you level up your online marketing strategies. These daycare marketing tips will help you increase your enrollment even with a healthy waiting list to boot!


1. Create Targeted Digital Ads

Paid targeted ads have been proven to generate more leads than any other form of advertising. By using various ads targeted toward parents via the internet and other social media platforms, plus a variety of vehicles such as infographics, videos, blogs, and images, your digital marketing strategy needs to be versatile.


Keep in mind that your target parents won’t all be online in one place simultaneously, following the same social media accounts or pages, or searching the same keywords.


In order to target these potentially interested parents and help fill your daycare center up to its full capacity, you will need to make sure that you’re utilizing a mix of targeted digital ads. Those daycare centers that have filled their maximum capacity and have waitlists have reliable social clout within the community, built from connections gained through the use of various social media platforms.


2. Set Up a Google Business Profile

If you want to target parents within the local community, having a Google Business Profile is an effective way to reach customers online. Creating one of these is simple — start by creating a Google “My Business” account.


From there, you will need to answer a series of questions about your daycare business, such as your center’s hours of operation, location, type of business, description, contact information, and so on. Once you have successfully set up the account, your daycare center will start appearing in Google Maps searches. Here are some tips to make your daycare center stand out:


  • Add photos to your local listings
  • Ensure that your listing is as detailed as possible
  • Gather customer reviews and testimonials — the more positive reviews, the more clicks, and visits you will attract to your listing
  • If you have a website, remember to add the link to your page
  • Include posts in your listing that invite people to learn more about your business —this can be links to news about your daycare center, blog posts, or information about upcoming events.


3. Launch a Child Care App

Since people nowadays, including parents, are becoming more tech-savvy, online marketing will help attract more parents to your daycare center. There are various child care apps available of which you can make use as a means of helping to keep parents in the loop while they’re busy with their daily activities or at work. Most millennial parents appreciate having accessible information on their devices right at their fingertips.


Many would appreciate the opportunity to be able to do their grocery shopping while pulling up reminders about your center’s program at the same time. The peace of mind and transparency provided by these types of mobile-friendly apps can help build trust in your prospects while satisfying your existing families. This may be one major reason they might choose to enroll their children at your daycare center instead of with your competitors.

4. Create a Website

As mentioned above, as parents become more technologically savvy, having a regularly updated website is a cost-effective way for you to promote your daycare center. Having a website that ranks highly through Google searches helps reach parents quickly. When they search for childcare centers in the local area they will be able to find your center more easily. You will need to have a budget for some upfront expenses, such as your website’s domain name and hosting.


Should you decide to use some websites, there are free ready-made templates you can use. Ensure that your website has all the necessary information. For example, an “About Us” section, should highlight your center’s background and education. You should also include various services you offer, contact details, and other features. You may also post some photos of some of the great activities that take place at your center.


Promoting your business online takes a lot of hard work, determination, and persistence. Use the internet and various social media platforms to your advantage. It is one of the best ways to reach customers online and get them to contact your daycare center.


To learn more marketing tips for daycare and other marketing strategies, contact us at Local Child Care Marketing.