Local Child Care Marketing, powered by the No Joke Marketing System, focuses on one thing, and one thing only: driving RESULTS.
What kind of results does your business need?
Do you need more leads that turn into enrollments? Do you want to increase conversions from your existing email database?
Do you expect more enrollments from your Facebook Ads campaigns?
This is where we can help.


LCCM is trusted by hundreds of child care centers across the US, we’re focused on driving results for each of our members.
The No Joke Marketing Enrollments on Demand system can drive quick results for your child care center and automate most of the follow up, so you can focus on the aspects of your center you actually enjoy working on.
LCCM offers integrated digital and offline marketing solutions specifically designed for a child care business.
We exist for only one reason: to help you, the child care owner, create & maintain your web presence, dominate business directory listings and search engines in your market, generate enrollments through paid advertising opportunities and put your center on the map.


First, we discover your goals and objectives.
Then, if necessary, we develop a direct response website to meet those goals.
Next, we create a plan to maximize the rest of your web presence.
The ultimate goal is that when a parent is searching for a child care provider in your area, you pop to the top of the list each and every time.

If you’re after results, our team will sit down with you to discuss two important things:

The first is very important.
We need to talk about how long your average enrollment stays with you and the total amount parents are willing to spend during that time.
No Joke Marketing doesn’t have one magic number that works for everyone.
It all depends on how much your enrollment is and how long one family stays enrolled.
No Joke Marketing is big on partnerships and we love starting relationships.
Once you commit to our program, we will work hard to drive results and help you get deals closed during the first 90 days!



Our team researches and develops ideal parents to target for marketing campaigns that result in enrollments our childcare members.


We employ highly targeted paid advertising campaigns for our childcare members to increase enrollments.


We combine email marketing, text messaging and voicemail to create an automated funnel to maximize your results.


Our ideal clients are daycare, child care, preschool and Montessori learning centers with multiple locations who recognize the importance of developing a digital marketing strategy.
Our clients prefer to outsource this work to an expert that specializes exclusively in child care marketing and growing enrollments through a proven system.


Our number one goal is our member’s success.
The only way we stay in business is when our members continuously get results and grow. However, the team at LCCM has top-notch experience in SEO, website management, content marketing, social media engagement strategies and other marketing tactics that support your overall marketing efforts.
You can expect to get only the best source of quality traffic that matches the type of customers that you’re after. We know what has worked in the past—we have a long list of successful campaigns that we can replicate which gives you a great head start when you join LCCM.
Our understanding that digital marketing is an ever-changing field, along with our willingness to seek help on your behalf, ensures we provide the best-of-the-best online internet marketing services for child care providers.
For additional information on online marketing, please read the Local Child Care Marketing blog.


They are able to stay focused on running their business since they know their online marketing is being handled by professionals specializing in marketing for child care providers.
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