It is no secret that in today’s marketing age that in order to compete you need to have a complete web presence. But, what does that mean? Is it just a website? Or do you have to maintain social media as well? How do you get your child care center to rank number one on Google? Is there anywhere else to advertise on the web?

A Complete Web Presence is More than a Website

There is a multitude of websites claiming to be able to have your website ranked on the first page of Google. Some have even gone so far as to name themselves You may receive unsolicited emails from many of these companies claiming that they will have “dominating search results”.
This concept is so popular that there are dedicated blogs doing their best to detail out every step. Still others will blog not to even touch SEO with a ten-foot pole.
The reason that so many people embark upon this quest for knowledge is to try and understand the SEO process. If you are about to spend a thousand dollars or more on an online marketing campaign then you are just trying to understand whether you should buy a website, pay per click advertising, or market directories. Without proper information, many of your advertising dollars turn to wasted dollars.
Join Local Child Care Marketing for an exclusive webinar for the attendees of the 2015 Child Care Summit. This event will take place on November 10, 2015, from 11AM-12PM PST.
During this hour will cover numerous topics that can help your child care center to optimize their web presence which ultimately segues into a higher lead generation for your business. The topics that we will cover will be:
• A complete overview of web presence and its various pieces
• The difference between brand-related services and lead generation services
• A guide for how to audit your current website
• How you can track your results and other key indicators
At this end of this webinar, you will leave with action items that will get you started right away. Whether you are currently paying for “online marketing” or considering it this webinar will have something for you.
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