“Millennials” are currently the largest generation in the United States. If you are a daycare center owner, then marketing specifically to millennial parents is something you need to keep in mind. Recent demographic shifts have led to more Millennials becoming parents for the first time. This has created some interesting challenges for daycare centers. The reason is millennials tend to be more skeptical when it comes to enrolling their children at daycare facilities. 


Millennial parents are unique in many ways, and understanding their needs is vital to developing your marketing plan. They are not called “Digital Natives” for no reason. Born between the years 1981-1996, Millennials comprise the generation who typically find technology to be a tool that makes their lives easier and more efficient.


This is the generation that grew up with computers and laptops. They frequent social media. Most are also versatile in their professional endeavors, seeking work-life integration and balance, rather than a separation of the two. So, how can you market your daycare center to Millennial parents? Here are some key strategies that will help you while marketing to millennial parents:


1. Determine the message you want to communicate.

It’s easy to get caught up in too many online tools and social platforms to increase your brand’s exposure. However, when you’re marketing your daycare center to Millennial parents, it is crucial to pay attention to the message you want to send across. 


2. Think about what you stand for

What is your daycare center’s mission?  What makes your center stand out from others? Before you create accounts on social media, think about what makes your daycare center different from the rest. Market with a purpose. Focus on the ways in which providing your unique services will help improve the lives of Millennial parents and their children. Make sure your website, social channels, and other marketing materials clearly reflect your vision.


3. Give families a tour they’ll never forget

When parents decide to carve out time to visit your school, know that they’ve already taken the first step.  Make the most of this opportunity to showcase your center and establish a connection with parents. This is your chance to make sure they know what they can expect when they enroll their children at your daycare center (but be careful not to overwhelm them with too much information.) 


Millennials tend to be visual creatures and learners. If your center has multiple locations, consider offering a virtual tour of your facilities on your website or social media accounts to give Millennial parents a feel for what the interiors of your facility are like. 


4. Take advantage of technology

Millennials are often referred to as “Digital Natives”. They grew up with access to the internet, computers, tablets, and smartphones. It’s only natural for Millennials to prefer online forums instead of more traditional paper forms of marketing, or even email communication as their preferred method of contact.


Making your daycare center more accessible through technology for Millennial parents is a great way to grab their attention effectively.


5. Keep parents updated with new trends

Millennials tend to be open-minded when it comes to their kids’ education. They want schools that will prepare their children for future opportunities, such as college admission and job interviews. Be sure to keep your information up-to-date so that Millennial parents can get ideas from you too!


Remember, “The early bird catches the worm.” Try going live on Facebook during events related to daycare training seminars or workshops regarding educational tools used by teachers today.


6. Use your social media channels wisely

Social media platforms are another great way to engage with Millennial parents who may not be ready to commit right away. They tend to check in via social media to find out more about how your center can meet their needs and get answers to their questions.


However, it’s important to remember that being present on social media is not enough. You need to choose the right channels and leverage them in order to influence parents’ decision-making. Give them a reason why they should choose your daycare center over others. You can do this by showcasing real family stories on your blogs and social media channels.


Share educational tips, fun milestones of the children in your care, or even short videos about the ways in which you teach your students!  If you’re going on live broadcasts through social media channels like Facebook Live, try hosting “Q&A” sessions with parents, where they can get answers to all their childcare-related concerns. 


Here at LCCM, we offer both integrated digital and offline marketing solutions that are specifically designed for a child care business like yours. Contact us to learn more!