Everyone has heard the phrase – content is king. While that may be true, to build a childcare blog that really drives traffic and gets the search engine results one needs to have a good content strategy. Content relevancy is how you can effectively build a childcare blog. The following tips will help you write in such a way that both the visitor and the search engines will be impressed.


1. Write Naturally

One of the most effective ways to build a childcare blog with unique and relevant content is to write naturally. Write as if you are talking with one of your friends. Readers (and search engines) appreciate an informal, natural tone. In return, the content you create is naturally relevant because you are having a conversation.

2. Keep it Accurate and Error Free

Ensure that your blog over-delivers relevant content by keeping it accurate and error-free.  Nothing will aggravate a visitor more than finding out that the content on a child care blog is wrong. This is a very simple rule, yet one that is often overlooked. Absolutely, above all else, check the facts! Besides, too many errors, and the search engines will avoid your blog as well.   

3. Stay Current

Who wants to read dated information? Social media users are smart. Visitors will know immediately if a blog tries to pass off old information as new. The average internet user is well informed. The most successful blogs get repeat visitors and high rankings because they deliver high-quality relevant content that is not only engaging but also current.  Visitors appreciate knowing that when they read your child care blog they are getting the most up-to-date information available on child care topics. 

4. Build Quality Links

A major part of relevant content is the number and quality of links -both in and out. When a search engine visits your site, it is helped along by these links. The more quality links you have that lead to or from credible sites, the higher your childcare blog rates with the search engines. Be careful not to include links to just any site. Maintain high standards by linking to and from only highly credible, informative sites.

5. Be Consistent

What good is a child care blog if it does not deliver relevant content consistently? Provide a regular flow of interesting material and respond in a timely manner to visitor comments. When visitors know that they can rely on getting good information regularly, they will visit often.  

6. Know Your Target Audience

It is amazing how many social media sites do not follow this simple piece of advice. Internet users are looking for interesting information. Visitors come to a child care blog expecting to gain knowledge and read hot topics on child care. They do not want to learn about your favorite restaurant, how you make money at home or how to improve an SAT score. For content to be relevant, target it toward your audience.

Writing engaging, relevant content for your child care blog is easy. Continuously improve the visitor experience by writing in a natural voice, keeping it accurate and current, providing links to other valuable sites, and being consistent. If you follow these simple tips, your child care blog will deliver to your readers.