When breaking down online marketing strategies, Google Analytics is frequently discussed but rarely used to its full potential. Let’s talk about how Google Analytics can help your childcare website reach more potential families and increase enrollment for the fall.


What is Google Analytics?

how to use Google Analytics | Local Child Care Marketing
Google Analytics gives valuable insight

Google Analytics is an online tool that helps website owners to better understand a few things about their website:


  • Who is Visiting The Website
  • Where The Visitors Are From
  • How The Visitors Found The Website
  • What Content is Shared on Social Networks


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the information Google Analytics can provide about your website. There is so much that can be measured with Google Analytics code and data. If there is important data you want to find easily, you can add those categories to your dashboard. Customize your view to focus on the data most important to you and your daycare website.


Google Analytics is free for users with less than 5 million page views each month. Who doesn’t want a free tool that will help them improve their website and online marketing approach?


1. Learn What Web Pages People Love

Learn what your best and worst performers are on your childcare website. You can learn what sites keep visitors interested for longer periods. What pages make people run away? From the Content menu, click on Site Content and then select Pages. From here you can understand on what pages your audience spends the most time. If one web page is a real winner, what can you do to your other web pages to keep people engaged?


Use Google Analytics to compare the bounce rate of each of your pages. Since your bounce rate does factor into SEO, this is one aspect of Google Analytics you cannot afford to ignore.


You can also use Google Analytics to find out what your website visitors are clicking on the most. Visit your Content menu and click on the In-Page Analytics to learn which internal links are garnering the most interest.


3. Find Your Website’s Blind Spots

Learn what people are looking for is your website. Are they looking for an answer you don’t provide? Is there a service you offer at your preschool but do not heavily feature or advertise on your website? You could be losing out to another local child care center because families mistakenly believe you don’t have what they need.
Google Analytics gives you the chance to identify these blind spots and address them so you are properly representing your daycare center online.


3. Up Your Mobile Game

google analytics | Local Child Care Marketing
See how mobile users engage your website

Our team has said that your target market will most likely visit your website on a mobile device like a smartphone. Don’t just take our word for it. Instead, use Google Analytics to understand how traffic to your website varies on different devices.


If your website is not mobile-friendly, a website visitor is likely to spend less time on your website and return to search engine results for the next option. Visitors to your website will also be far less likely to engage on your site or answer your call to action if it is not mobile-friendly and they are using mobile devices.


Think about the last time you looked up a local restaurant or coffee shop on your phone. Did you visit their website? Was the website hard to navigate? Did that make you want to spend more time trying to go through the website to have your questions answered? Did that experience make you want to go to that coffee shop or restaurant? Now think about your website. Could parents be thinking the same thing when they visit your website? If the answer is yes, then it is time to up your mobile game.


4. Make Sure Your Target Market Can Find You

Learn who is your audience. Are you reaching families and parents in your area? Because there are so many child centers nationwide, it is imperative that childcare center owners can market to the local community and surrounding cities.


If you are a daycare center in Memphis, Tennessee, you would ideally want families in Memphis to be visiting your website and considering enrolling their children at your daycare center. Is Google Analytics showing that the only people who see your website are from Burbank, California, then that isn’t really working for you is it?


If the only people who are finding your website are so far away they would not send their children to your daycare, then you need to adjust accordingly.


5. Learn About Your Visitors

Where is your traffic coming from? Are people finding you via Facebook, Yelp, or another site? To prepare for enrollment season, it may be worth your while to invest in an additional marketing budget. How can you get the most out of your money? If you use Google Analytics, you can see which outside sites drive traffic to your website. With this information, you can make a smarter investment in your marketing dollars toward a site that will reach the right audience.


If parents are finding you through Facebook, you can use that knowledge to make a Facebook ad that targets young families in need of childcare services. If website visitors find you through a site like Yelp or Care.com, make sure all your information is up to date on those sites.


6. Develop a Marketing Strategy

You can use Google Analytics for strategic decisions. With this online marketing tool, you can learn which online campaigns are getting you the most bang for your buck. You can use the data from Advanced Segments to figure out if your social media marketing campaign is working or if you should be putting more effort in another area of your marketing strategy.


Work With Local Child Care Marketing to Increase Enrollment

Local Child Care Marketing can help you understand how to develop and implement a marketing strategy for your childcare center. There are so many online marketing tools available to help you increase enrollment for your daycare center, and our team can break down the options to find what is most useful for you now.
Parents are searching for solutions online and on their mobile devices.


Make sure that these parents can find you and your child care center as the solution. With Services like Website Development, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, and Social Media Marketing Local Child Care Marketing can boost your child care center’s web presence.


Contact us to learn more about how to use Google Analytics to your advantage this summer!