Article marketing is a highly effective tool for child care professionals to market your business in a cost-effective manner.  All it takes is writing short articles on child care issues and then submitting those articles to directories for free distribution.

Included in each article is a resource box with references and contact information.  Article marketing can even go viral when several other websites pick your article.

1. Cost-Effective

Article marketing has long been one of the most effective ways to market for many businesses including yours within the Child Care Professions. Traditionally, articles were submitted to newspapers or local publications.  Newspapers got a free article and the child care center received free publicity.

Now, that same principle has been transferred to the internet where directories publish the articles for free and in return, the child care business receives free publicity.

2. Establish Expertise

One of the best benefits of Article writing is that it can help establish you as an expert in the Child Care Professions. When parents are seeking someone to care for their child, they want that person or center to be an expert. Useful articles and a higher ranking in the search engines will help provide this impression for a parent.

This is especially true when the center has published multiple quality articles. Quality, of course, is the key.

3. Branding

Using article marketing can also be an excellent way to create a brand name for you as a child caregiver. The idea is to create an online presence that is easily recognizable and comes to mind when a need arises. Parents may perform countless searches on child-rearing issues long before the need arises to find a new child care center.

When this occurs, the name at the top of their lists is going to be the one they have seen associated with all of those informative articles.

4. Backlinks

Generating leads is also a primary benefit of article marketing.  When a day cay center publishes an article in an online directory, that article can help drive traffic to the website.  In addition, the backlinks created when an article gets re-published on other sites will not only drive more traffic but will boost the website’s rankings.

As a result, it will jump ahead of the competition in search engines, creating more trust in the parents.

5. No Website?

Though it makes sense to have a website, there are still some in the Child Care Professions who do not feel comfortable or do not want to invest the time required to maintain one. Article writing can be another way to advertise because the contact information in the article doesn’t have to include a website.

It could include phone numbers or email addresses where parents can direct inquiries.

So don’t delay. Start an article marketing campaign today by writing and submitting useful articles to various directories. It’s cost-effective, will help establish expertise and branding, and will create those backlinks that are so useful in boosting a website’s online presence. Even if your center does not have a website, this type of strategy can still pay big dividends in terms of advertising.