Informative brochures are a vital tool in your marketing arsenal for your child care center. However, your brochure needs to be eye-catching enough to grab the attention of tired parents in the grocery store, yet concise enough not to overwhelm them.

A well-designed and informative brochure can help you attract new clients while retaining current ones. 

In this article, we will help you create the perfect child care brochure by providing you with some great tips for your design and ensuring that the content is engaging enough to keep people engaged. Review these important elements and tips before making your child care center brochure. 


Determine the purpose of your brochure  

Before you jump into the design and creation of your brochure, your first step is to determine the objective of your brochure. What do you hope to accomplish? Is the purpose of your brochure to inform parents about your services? Or is it to attract new customers?

How do you plan to distribute your brochure? Are you planning to give it out by hand, or send it through direct mail? Once you determine these things, your design and content will fall into place accordingly.


Choose your design carefully

When it comes to your brochure’s design, be sure to choose something that is eye-catching and easy to read. Pay attention to the folds of your brochure because this will determine how your services are presented to your readers. You want to make sure the folds complement the type of content you include in your brochure. 

As for your font, make sure it’s large enough to be read clearly by people of all ages. Because brochures are usually outlined with a heading, subheading, and body, be sure to stick to only three fonts and make sure they work well together. You want the brochure to be cohesive without being confusing. 


Include important information about your childcare center

When parents are choosing a childcare center for their children, they want to make sure they’re sending their little ones to a place that is safe and staffed with competent, experienced employees. A brochure can help you highlight these things, in addition to important information, such as the types of services you offer, your programs and curriculum, hours of operation, and location(s). 

You want your brochure to be as comprehensive as possible, so make sure that all essential information is included. This includes your center’s mailing address, phone number (office and/or cell), email address, website URL, parent pick-up and drop-off times, after-school hours (if applicable), and anything else you may think parents will need to know about your center.

Additionally, you may also include your staff members’ certifications, training, and teaching experience. This will help parents feel more comfortable when choosing your child care center.


Include a testimonial from a parent who has used your services

Letting others know about how satisfied they have been with your child care center is not only a great form of marketing, but it also helps reassure potential clients that you are trustworthy and build their confidence that it’s worth giving your center a try! 


Incorporate high-resolution photos

It’s true what they say: “A picture says a thousand words.” Parents who are looking for a reliable child care center will definitely want to see photos of what your center is like. Include photos of real classes, events, and other fun activities. 

Also, be sure to select your photos carefully. The last thing you want is for your brochure to include images that are blurry, jagged, and low-resolution. Use top-notch quality photos, as these are part of your marketing materials, and they will help build your brand successfully. 


Include a call to action

A “call to action” is a sentence or two that summarizes the main goal of your brochure. This is the most important part of your brochure because it should entice readers enough to want to take the next steps, such as enrolling their children, requesting more information, or visiting the center in person. The most important thing is that your brochure leads customers back to you. 

Your call to action should be visible and clear enough to your readers. Use visual cues to make it stand out and be specific. 

Creating child care brochures can be a lot of work, but investing in these marketing materials can go a long way.  An effective brochure can help promote your center, make it easier for parents to find you and enroll their child, increase the number of phone calls or emails coming in from interested parents, and ultimately keep your child care business running. 


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