Childcare Paid Search Conversion Rate
Childcare Paid Search Conversion Rate

When designing a search engine marketing campaign, how best to go after paid search conversion rate for your childcare center? These Pay-Per-Click advertisements can be a valuable tool and have seen a marked increase in success over the last year or so.


What’s more? There are tools to analyze the success rate!  However, there are some things to keep in mind when attempting to maximize this tool.

Define Paid Search Conversion

Pay-Per-Click (PPC), advertising is a search engine marketing tool that can allow companies to target a specific demographic and analyze the conversion results.  The company pays a provider such as Google Adwords to place ads, which are placed on pages with relevant content according to the keywords.


As a result, someone seeing an ad for childcare is already searching for keywords associated with childcare.  This makes converting these people into customers more likely.


1. Research Demographics

The first thing to consider when attempting Paid Search Conversions is to consider the search engine usage of the demographics.  This includes both age and gender. For your child care business, this means targeting those search engines used most frequently by parents, specifically mothers. Not only are women more likely to make purchasing decisions, but they are traditionally seen as the primary caregiver.


2. Know Quality scores

When determining the ad position and the cost of the PPC, search engines such as Google assign the ads quality scores.  The better the score the better the ad position and the less it costs.  As a result, it’s important to pay attention to such things as the keyword click-through rate of each ad, the relevancy to the landing page, and the condition of the landing page.


For example, it’s a good idea to remove those ads that have a low click-through rate so that they do not negatively impact the paid search conversion.


3. Use Key Word Strategies

Paid search conversion depends on incorporating the right keywords into the search engine marketing campaign. For a childcare business, this might mean such words as childcare or daycare. However, be careful, as too generic of a word will result in stiff competition.


It’s better to be unique. Plus larger companies have more purchasing power and can outbid smaller ones. A visit to Google Adwords can allow the business to determine which keywords have the best performance.


4. Remember the Website

When considering paid search conversion, don’t forget the impact of the website! Spending money on the ads will mean nothing if the website doesn’t follow through. Plus, a poorly constructed website with irrelevant content can negatively impact the quality score.


Your child care business must make sure it has a unique landing page and include an About Us page that clearly defines the business and its mission.  Also, a regularly updated blog can help as search engines like fresh content.


So go ahead and jump on board and go after childcare paid search conversion rate.  Just remember these four simple tips: research demographics, know quality scores, use keyword strategies and remember the website.  With these things in mind, your child care business will certainly see a higher conversion rate and will have the tools to analyze the numbers to prove it.