Choosing the right decor and look for your daycare goes beyond picking the color of your new wall paint. Your decor needs to accurately and effectively reflect your organization’s philosophy. When your daycare decor is carefully chosen, it can bring increased enrollment to your center. Your decor can also affect parents’ perception of you, as well as children’s day-to-day experience and learning.


A daycare center should be well-organized, clean, fun, educational, and above all, ensure every child’s safety. Keep these goals in mind when planning your center’s decor. In this post, we will give you daycare decor tips to help you attract more parents to your center.


Maximizing your daycare’s space

Properly organizing your space will create a safe environment. Moreover, it instills organization and harmony in children. Maximizing each space depends on the purpose of each area and the decorative preferences of your organization.


A vital feature of an organized classroom is establishing a clear path and flow from one door to another, to emergency exits, and between every zone. The paths should be able to guide children to and through their classroom without interfering with other activities. Short, curved paths promote careful movement while long, straight ones tend to encourage children to run.


How to choose the right furniture

Overall safety. To keep your daycare center safe, all pieces of furniture should be durable and stable. Only purchase furniture with rounded corners. Every cabinet should be firmly attached to the wall. Storage for children should be open-faced. Remember that children’s hands can easily get slammed or stuck in closed if they’re not careful. Doors can also swing and hit children. Staff members should be able to place locks on any teacher’s furniture to prevent children from accessing any hazardous items.


Aesthetics. We recommend choosing furniture made of natural materials because they tend to be cleaner and more durable. Earthy colors also help create an atmosphere that feels homier, which helps children feel comfortable in your space. Friendly colors contribute to a classroom’s visual appeal. However, it’s beneficial to tone down bright colors in areas where silence is necessary.


Durability. Opt for high-quality furniture that will last for a long time at your center. Flimsy pieces of furniture need to be replaced more frequently, which will cost you more money. Choose furniture made of non-toxic materials. Keep them in top shape by cleaning them regularly.


Size. Everything in your classrooms should be kid-sized so children can easily reach toys, books, and other items. These pieces should be easy to clean and promote safety.


Daycare decor for walls, windows, and floors

Window covers and decals. Blinds are excellent for daycare centers. They are cord-free and allow you to limit the intensity of natural light that comes into the room. Window decals are both functional and fun. They protect everyone in the classroom from UV rays.


Posters and decorative wall hangings.  Both of these items can be both educational and inspirational. Children can more easily quickly access references to a variety of concepts, including the alphabet, maps, mathematics, and more.


Calendar. Every classroom should display a prominent calendar to enable children to learn about days, weeks, months, and years. It also allows them to see the days and look forward to upcoming events. A calendar teaches children about time. You can also incorporate your students’ interests and personalities by using stickers on the calendar.


Art corner. Art corners are always a must in daycare classrooms. Displaying kids’ projects around each classroom and in hallways gives children a sense of pride. They can also display their unique traits to the class through their creative expression.


Creating a safe and warm environment

Use bright colors. This is excellent for rooms where different activities take place. For rooms that require a more quiet environment, use muted tones. 


Child-safe decor. Every visual touch and piece of decor in your center must be easy-to-clean and free of dust-collecting materials. We recommend using floor mats rather than synthetic carpets, which may contain dangerous chemicals.


Stuffed toys. Plushies are excellent when it comes to making children happy, and also soothing young children when it’s time to settle down for a nap or quiet moment. (This particular item is one that we recommend daycare centers to hold off on until the pandemic ends.)


Pillows and cushions. These items provide children with opportunities to enjoy some rest in each room. They’re great for letting children relax at your center.


Creating a pleasant and functional daycare decor helps you maximize your space in each area of your center. If you need help marketing your center to attract more parents, contact LCCM today. We provide a range of services specially catered to drive results for child care organizations. With our marketing system in place, you’ll gain more conversions, which will lead to increased enrollment at your center.  Call us today for more information!