STEM/STEAM Based Child Care Marketing Services

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Local Child Care Marketing For STEM/STEAM Based Child Care

STEM/STEAM based curriculums have grown in popularity over the recent years. This is great news for parents that want their children to be on the forefront of technology, and it’s also a great opportunity for teachers looking to teach students from an early age how to think critically. But when it comes down to marketing these types of centers, Local Child Care Marketing has a variety of strategies that will reel in parents in your area who are eager to get their child a head start on new early learning concepts. 

Here are some of the main components of a STEM/STEAM based child care center:

-Traditionally, a STEM based curriculum emphasizes science, technology, engineering, and math along with the standard academia taught in early childhood learning. 

-A STEAM based curriculum places an emphasis on the arts in tandem with a traditional STEM based curriculum. 

-STEM/STEAM based curriculum with a focus on teaching children from an early age how to think critically. 

-Physically, STEM Centers will have plenty of space for activities and hands-on projects in the building itself. 

-Highly qualified faculty that has been extensively trained in their area of expertise and who are committed to giving students everything they need to be successful in this area of learning. 

  • Local Child Care Marketing’s proven strategies can help drive more enrollments to your STEM/STEAM based child care center by enhancing your marketing strategy with a STEM/STEAM theme. A major aspect of marketing is to make your company stand out from the competition. We know that one way you can do this for your center is by focusing on its unique curriculum, which in turn will help attract more new families interested in the different focus it offers. 

    -By targeting parents in your surrounding area that are looking for a STEM/STEAM curriculum, you will have increased exposure and visibility in your local community

    -Our familiarity with a STEM/STEAM curriculum allows us to tailor our campaigns to appeal to parents seeking that type of educational experience for their child. 

    -Local Child Care Marketing has had great success creating promotional campaigns to reach parents that are homeschooling their children or those who want an enriching environment outside of the traditional public school setting. 

    -We will leverage social media to increase awareness of your center will help you to increase your brand recognition and attract more families.