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Marketing for Montessori Schools: Different Approach to Education

We know that Montessori schools are different from daycare in their approach to education –  and marketing a Montessori school is the same idea. Unlike traditional daycares, Montessori schools do not focus on discipline and obedience; they believe that children learn best when they have freedom of movement and choice. This means that you need to find ways to promote your school as being something completely different than what people expect from a typical school.

Here are five ways that Montessori schools differ from a regular daycare center:

  • Instead of a rigid and structured daily routine,  Montessori schools encourage flexibility and an individualized approach to education.
  • Montessori schools believe that children learn best when they have freedom of movement, choice, and control over their own time.
  • Parents are encouraged to take an active role in the child’s education by engaging with the teachers and supporting them at home.
  • Montessori schools foster social and collaborative skills through group activities.
  • Montessori schools place an emphasis on self discipline, and introducing new learning concepts as early as possible in a child’s development.

By understanding the intricacies of Montessori-based education, we are able to come up with a customized marketing plan to increase your enrollment for your Montessori school. Through our customized Montessori marketing plan, we aim to draw new students into your school by highlighting the benefits of Montessori education. 

How are our Montessori marketing strategies different?

  • Marketing a Montessori school involves creating content that highlights the benefits of Montessori-based education, such as giving children independence and self discipline.
  • Our Facebook ads and any other type of paid traffic will specifically be tailored towards Montessori schools. By using Montessori specific images and copy, we’ll be sending traffic that is more likely to convert.
  • We have created these specific Montessori marketing plans because our team understands what it takes to find success as a Montessori school owner. By customizing your plan based on market research data collected by us over time, our strategy is numbers driven to produce the best results possible.
  • We’re even able to leverage Montessori marketing insights, such as what types of images and copy would be best suited for your audience, or which type of demographic is most likely to convert into a student.
  • In addition to providing statistics on how Montessori schools work for students with different personalities or backgrounds, we also include information about how Montessori schools help every child reach their potential at their own rate in areas like math and reading, and other early learning concepts.