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The Majority Of Parents Use Search Engines

Every business today must be aware of and involved in local internet marketing. Over 50% of all searches on the internet and with smart phones have local intent. That means people are trying to find someone local to provide them services.


Child care marketing providers who use effective Search Marketing techniques are able to build credibility, generate more leads, and increase sales. The internet used to be all about Search Engine Optimization. Next, it was Search Engine Marketing, and then came Social Media Marketing. However, the reality is- it is all simply Search Marketing.


The person searching for your service must find you where they are searching. Therefore, you must have as a minimum a website, a blog, a FaceBook Fan Page and be in the various directories that list child care providers in your area.


If you have information out on the web, but no one is finding it, it is like having a neon sign in the basement. No one sees it! People must be able to find you when they are searching for a local child care center in your town.

How Can Local Child Care Marketing Help You?

Content is King when it comes to increasing your organic search results. With that said, we know it can be hard to continually create quality content. That is where we come in. We have a couple of options when it comes to content creation and local search engine optimization. The first is our Authority Developer Program, which is all about creating quality content and putting it on your website. The second option is our Local SEO Program. This program is all about building high quality links to your website or “off-site” SEO with relevant anchor text.


See below for what is included with each option.

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Simply put Search Marketing provides THE BEST Return On Investment of all marketing options available today! Take the time and compare any other form of marketing, and you will quickly see why Search Marketing will provide your child care center the most profits. Additionally, by working with Local Child Care Marketing – you will see the immediate benefits of local internet marketing!

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