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Why Do You Need To Be In Business Directory Listings?

Business Directory Listings are critical for your business. A business directory is anywhere your center’s Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) can be listed. Popular sites are Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Care.com, and Yelp, but there are hundreds of others that your prospective customers could be using.
Your business must be listed properly and completely in these directories to be found. This will result in you and your business showing up much more frequently in online searches. And when that happens, you will get more traffic to your website and greater sales.

Getting In Business Directories Takes Work

The catch is you have to put in the effort to get listed on hundreds, and possibly thousands, of FREE and paid directories. More importantly, these listings must be completed in a very specific way to be recognized by well-known sites, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. These local maps are similar in purpose and intent to the Yellow Pages of yesteryear; they are, of course, far more effective.
As you are claiming or optimizing your listings is it important to know that your business information must be identical everywhere! This means that if your center name is Apple Tree Child Development Center LLC. it needs to be listed exactly like that everywhere. The following are not considered the same business by search engines: Apple Tree CDC, Apple Tree Early Learning, Apple Tree Child Care, Apple Tree LLC.

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You Must Manage Your Directory Listings Monthly

Each month directories change where they are getting information from and/or directories are purchased by other companies. There is a very good chance that some incorrect information will start to make its way into your listings. For example, when you get Internet service, you may be given a free phone number with your service. This number is often attached to a listing on the Internet service providers website. This incorrect information can then start to spread! If you complete a credit card application for your business, and use an unusual abbreviation on that application, that information will be sold to the data aggregators and eventually show up online somewhere. When we identify it, we will work to correct the information.