Child Care Franchise Marketing Services

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Local Child Care Marketing: Your Exclusive Franchise Solution

When your child care center franchise is looking for marketing solutions, you need to find a child care agency that understands how different franchises are structured. Local Child Care Marketing specializes in child care marketing for franchises and knows the ropes when it comes to meeting the guidelines of a corporate franchise. We understand what franchised child care centers need from their marketing partner, and we provide everything your location needs to be successful!

Here's how a child care franchise's business structure may be different from an independent child care center:

– Franchise child care centers are often part of a chain, and not independently owned. So, an owner may have to defer to a corporate headquarters for any type of decision-making. 

– Franchises may have to follow strict guidelines when it comes to marketing their child care center to maintain consistency from one franchise location to the next. 

– Franchises often have to follow certain child care licensing requirements as well.

-Franchises may have different tools (such as a CRM) that they use to track leads or complete administrative tasks. 

-Owners of franchise locations may even change from time to time, depending on the franchise’s contract with its child care center owner. 

Local Child Care Marketing is skilled in navigating any type of business structure that differs from an independent child care center. While marketing for a franchise may require some creativity or workarounds, we’ve had a highly successful track record when partnering with these types of child care centers. 

-Local Child Care Marketing understands that in order to maintain consistency with the franchise brand, any type of digital advertising that we do must align with brand standards. 

-While oftentimes we may not be able to make significant website changes, we offer several different options for increasing your website’s visibility online.

-We use a combination of paid traffic and SEO to generate parent leads for the owner. 

-One of the most successful strategies that we’ve found when it comes to child care franchises is utilizing social media. Posts regarding child development, creative art projects or photos with parents and kids can be great ways to increase your child care franchise’s visibility on Facebook.