Local Child Care Marketing For Multiple Locations

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Local Child Care Marketing: Maximum Marketing for Your Multiple Locations

Local Child Care Marketing has years of marketing experience marketing for multi-location child care centers. We understand that as an owner, managing multiple locations leaves little time for marketing. To help you maximize profits and further scale your child care business, we will put together a marketing plan that will cover all of your needs: from creating marketing materials to advertising on Facebook, search engine optimization, Google My Business optimization, and ensuring all of your locations receive maximum exposure.

Here are 4 ways that marketing a multi-location center is different:

-Marketing is more complex and strategic, because locations can be located in different towns or cities.

– Marketing materials should be different for each location to reflect the environment, or if they care for specific age groups such as infants or toddlers.

– Marketing outreach is more extensive, because marketing efforts need to reach parents in all the surrounding areas.

-Ad spend for paid traffic may differ across locations, as we’ve seen many times in the past that some locations may need more enrollments than others.

So, how do we factor this in our marketing plan for child care centers with multiple locations?

  • -By strategically targeting specific areas, we are able to reach high quality parent leads and drive them to the most suitable location based on their needs (i.e. on the way to their place of work or parents who live within a specific mile radius).

    -Creating marketing materials that differentiate what programs are offered at specific locations, and marketing these different offerings accordingly.

    -Differentiating outreach efforts across various locations with paid traffic or more organic methods such as social media posts on Facebook targeted towards specific parent groups.

    -Ad spend for paid traffic efforts is determined by the enrollment needs of each location. Ultimately, our goal is to drive traffic and leads for the location that has openings, while simultaneously helping you scale your child care business.