Language Immersion-Specific Marketing Services

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Local Child Care Marketing: Language Immersion-Specific Marketing Services

Child care centers are, in general, a competitive market. Language immersion child care centers have an additional challenge of marketing to parents who may not speak their language and need language immersion for their children to learn English. Or, parents in your area may see the value of having their child learn a second language. Whatever the reason may be, Local Child Care Marketing understands that as the owner of this type of child care center, you might not have the time or marketing resources to hone in on specific types of audiences. 

That’s why Local Child Care Marketing offers language immersion-specific marketing services so you can focus on what is important – growing your childcare business!

Here are some of the different types of language immersion child care centers that Local Child Care Marketing works with:

-Spanish Immersion centers

-Trilingual (Spanish, French, and Mandarin)

-Bi-lingual preschool programs

  • We know marketing for these types of child care centers poses its own set of marketing challenges. Here’s how our marketing approach for language immersion child care centers differs from the rest:

    -Our language immersion marketing services are designed to help you generate more qualified leads through specific audience targeting methods.

    -Understanding the differences between complete and partial immersion, as well as bi-lingual immersion allows us to provide marketing solutions customized to your center’s needs.

    -We use the latest techniques and strategies for language immersion child care centers including SEO optimization with language specific family keywords, ad copy that’s geared towards non-english speaking families, and content creation in both English and Spanish languages.