Local Child Care Marketing For Summer Camps

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Local Child Care Marketing For Summer Camps: Start Your Campaigns Early

When it comes to summer camp marketing, many child care centers tend to start their marketing too late. This is a common mistake that child care centers make every year. This is because Summer camps shouldn’t just be advertised when the summer is right around the corner; summer camps should be advertised far earlier than that. Timing is everything, and Local Child Care Marketing has been running campaigns for summer camps for over ten years and have seen success every single season.


Here’s how a summer camp program can benefit a child care center:

– Summer camps offer child care centers an opportunity to generate revenue when it’s typically very slow.

-Many parents are going back to work in a physical setting – and the need for child care does not just go away during the summer months.

-Summer camps provide an opportunity for a child care center to be proactive and start summer camp marketing campaigns early, and even find new families to enroll for the school year.

Local Child Care Marketing understands that summer camp presents as a great opportunity to increase enrollment rates throughout the year. We like to seize on this opportunity as early in the year as possible. 

Here's a few different strategies for increasing enrollment rates at summer camps with the child care centers that we work with:

  • -Local Child Care Marketing starts summer camp marketing campaigns in late winter to early spring to attract summer campers.

    -We leverage certain offers that will entice new and current families to enroll in your summer camp.

    -We invest significant time on a center’s website, from including information about the camp, FAQ’s, forms for parents to fill out, as well as engaging content such as photos and videos.

    -We leverage video testimonials, social media posts, blog articles, advertising campaigns for summer camps on Google Adwords as well as Facebook.

    Email/SMS marketing is key to getting currently enrolled families to learn more about your summer camp program and engage them before the summer approaches.