Local Child Care Marketing For Home Centers

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Local Child Care Marketing For Home Centers: New Training Course

Local Child Care Marketing is now offering home center training for businesses in this sector of the child care industry. We don’t normally do marketing for home centers, but we’ve recently added an affordable option to our home care marketing services. This offer is available to any type of home child care center looking to utilize more marketing strategies and drive enrollments

Here’s how home child care marketing can be different from a commercial center:

– home child care centers have a lower capacity than commercial centers (usually less than 12 children at once).

– Lower teacher to student ratios.

-Owners tend to be much more hands on in daily activities. 

-Home centers traditionally rely on word-of-mouth marketing to drive enrollments.

-Home centers usually don’t have a large marketing budget.

The home center training course is specifically designed to give these businesses the knowledge they need in order to effectively market themselves and reach more potential customers. We’ll cover topics like integrated marketing campaigns, effective advertising methods for home centers, how to use social media as a home center marketing tool and much more! 

What our training course will include:

-Training content surrounding the essentials of starting a home child care center such licensing, insurance, loans, curriculum, etc. 

-Access to our proprietary CRM tool.

-Marketing training content – how to set up Facebook ads and manage a campaign, CRM tool training, setting up a review campaign, social media strategy, and much more!