Local Child Care Marketing For Faith-Based Child Care Centers

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Local Child Care Marketing for Faith-Based Child Care Centers

Many faith-based child care centers are seeking to build trust, respect and connection with parents. Local Child Care Marketing understands that oftentimes this type of child care center operates out of a church, and adheres to different standards when it comes to religious beliefs and traditions. We believe that it is important for church-based daycare programs to be creative in their marketing efforts so that they may attract new families as well as retain current ones. Here are some ways that church-based child care can be different from a run of the mill daycare center:


– Church-based child care centers may offer a more structured type of curriculum that is based on biblical teachings. The learning environment can be faith-based and focus heavily on storytelling, prayer time and worship as well as Bible study.

-Churches typically rely on a board of members to make decisions for the child care program. This board is very often composed of church members.


-Church-based child care programs typically have more volunteers and donors than secular daycare centers because they rely on the support of their congregation.


-Tuition dollars may go back to the church, so that they can better serve their surrounding community.

Here’s how Local Child Care Marketing plans to drive enrollments from your target market to your before and after school program:

-We develop a marketing plan that includes social media, SEO, blogs and other digital methods to reach your target market before they enroll in the competition. 


-We take the time to conduct research before we get started on our campaign to understand who your target market is, where they are located, and what their needs may be.


-By understanding the needs of your ideal target audience, we are able to create compelling offers and Facebook ad campaigns that will capture a parent lead’s attention.


-We strategically target parents before they enroll with another facility, and before the competition gets an opportunity to reach them.