Local Child Care Marketing For Before & After School

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Local Child Care Marketing For Before & After School: Defining Your Target Market

Before and after school programs are an integral part of the child care industry. Many before and after school programs are a great way to generate revenue if you are lacking in full-time enrollments, but before you start marketing to your surrounding community, it is important that you determine who your target market will be. Local Child Care Marketing has wide-ranging experience in defining a target market – particularly for before and after school care. 


Here’s how child care centers who offer before and after school care can be different from others: 


-Hours for this type of child care center can vary greatly, so before and after school care centers should create a unique marketing campaign that reflects this.


-The target market for before and after school care can vary greatly as well, especially when it comes to different age groups participating in these programs. 


-A before and after school care center may also charge varying fees for these services, which means marketing your business will be key to successful enrollment numbers.


When marketing for before and after school programs, Local Child Care Marketing leverages a variety of marketing strategies tailored to meet your child care business’s needs. By understanding what makes your program stand out from the rest in your area, we are able to effectively target parents who are looking for additional child care help and drive them to your center. 

Here’s how Local Child Care Marketing plans to drive enrollments from your target market to your before and after school program:

-We develop a marketing plan that includes social media, SEO, blogs and other digital methods to reach your target market before they enroll in the competition. 

-We take the time to conduct research before we get started on our campaign to understand who your target market is, where they are located, and what their needs may be.

-By understanding the needs of your ideal target audience, we are able to create compelling offers and Facebook ad campaigns that will capture a parent lead’s attention.

-We strategically target parents before they enroll with another facility, and before the competition gets an opportunity to reach them.