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LCCM For Reggio Emilia: A Conversation about Child Care Learning

It’s not uncommon for parents to be confused about the differences between Montessori and Reggio-Emilia, as well as the difference in curriculums at traditional preschools. Local Child Care Marketing understands what each style is all about, and how they can benefit a child’s early learning path. From different classroom setups and group collaboration methods, to an emphasis on documenting a child’s work, the methodology that inspires a Reggio-Emilia curriculum has subtle variations that can positively impact a child’s ability to absorb knowledge. 

Here are few ways that Reggio Emilia differs from a Montessori inspired curriculum:

-The Reggio-Emilia philosophy is that children are the center of their learning process. The child’s natural curiosity guides them through free play, which then results in spontaneous exploration into subjects such as math or reading comprehension skills. 

-Reggio Emilia centers on group collaboration. Groups can be of varying sizes , but ideally include a mix of age groups. They are taught to work together and share ideas, which encourages the development of social skills that lead to increased self-confidence.

-In Reggio Emilia classrooms, you’ll find intentional use of open space for children’s free play. In this type of environment there is more opportunity for spontaneous discovery.

-Reggio Emilia curriculums are designed specifically for an early childhood curriculum, whereas Montessori curriculums can extend to elementary and even middle school. 

-Reggio-Emilia curriculums focus on projects that span over the long-term. These projects tend to be open-ended and designed to allow for the interests of all children in a group.

Here's how Local Child Care Marketing is able to successfully promote child care centers with unique curriculums such as Reggio-Emilia:

  • -Local Child Care Marketing has the ability to customize content for each Reggio-Emilia inspired child care center and not have to cater exclusively to one certain group. 

    -By introducing informative content on websites, blogs, and social media posts about the benefits of this type of curriculum, we are able to draw in prospective parents who want a more progressive style of education for their child.

    -Generating content through the common practice of taking photographs and videos at child care centers that use Reggio-Emilia curriculums. This makes it possible for prospective parents to see what their children will experience while attending one of these.

    Paid traffic that specifically targets likes and interests of those who are most likely to enroll their child in this type of program.