FAQ - Local Child Care Marketing

We are trusted by hundreds of child care center across the US.

Once you have completed your purchase, you will be provided a set of forms to complete telling us about you and your business. Those documents will provide the information we need to create the copy for your website. If you have difficulty expressing yourself on paper, we do offer a Custom Copy Writing service. A senior copy writer will interview you over the phone and then create your website. In addition to the copy, your website will have several pictures on the site. If you provide us the pictures, we will use those. Otherwise, we will select pictures that complement your website design and the written words on your website.

Essentially, once the website is completed, we will update any information on your site. You also get to additional new pages over the course of a year (number depends on the level you are in). Finally, we will manage the WordPress Dashboard, and Website Control Panel for you. You will never have to learn how to create an email account for example; just go to the bottom right corner of your website and complete the Updates Simplified form, and it will be completed within 3 business days. Also, for more urgent requests, like a new email, just indicate the urgency in your request, and we will do everything possible to accommodate it.

We are continuing to add value to this program so please ask your Web Presence Consultant what is included at the level you are in.

That is not a problem. If you decide you want to manage your website on your own and be responsible for updating the content at some point in the future, we will gladly host your website for $37 per month.

Your website is hosted on one of many servers. Our servers are part of the Host Gator network and we have a backup server that all our websites back up to.

You will be provided access to update the blog if desired. Otherwise, The Updates Simplified Program is designed so that we take care of all of the changes to your website. If you prefer to manage your website on your own, we can host your website for you and provide you full access

Your domain name is yours. It will be registered in the name you provide us at the time of purchase. If for any reason you should terminate the relationship, we will create a personal account for you and provide you complete access to your domain name.

If your website is hosted somewhere else we will usually move your website to our hosting platform first thing. If we are rebuilding your website this will happen in the beginning of the process to ensure we have the necessary access. We will then build your new website on a development URL that only you will have access to. If we are just taking over the management of your website we will move it to our host and make sure the necessary security and backup protocols are setup. It is very rare that we will leave your website on your host, but there are times when this is the best option, one of which is if you are part of a franchise. Our hosting solution and support has many additional benefits that just hosting. Please ask your Web Presence Consultant if you have any additional questions about this.

The pages are really up to the buyer, and we will adjust the website to fit your needs. From a marketing perspective, you need a Home Page, Programs Page, About Us Page, Testimonials Page and a Contact Us Page. As you take advantage of your additional pages each year (number depends on your ongoing program), we will make specific recommendations about the pages to add to your site to improve your overall web presence.

There is no set price for a “complete package”. It depends on the overall complexity of your website for website builds and the marketing cost depends on the number of programs you are in. Your Web Presence Consultant will be able to give you a price range and help you understand what you should be willing to invest and why.

The wonderful thing about choosing the WordPress Content Management System is the flexibility of the site. As a part of your design process, the LCCM team will help you select other options that help your website stand out from the crowd. In addition, WordPress is one of the best options when it comes to website optimization. WordPress is always updating their core databases to fit search engines best practices. Please note, that although we build in WordPress, we build using paid themes that provide additional features and security.

There are several factors to take into account when selecting a domain name. At the time of purchase, do your best to come up with two or three options. When you talk to your Web Presence Consultant, the various factors will be reviewed with you.

Once you have identified your preference, LCCM will do its best to obtain that domain name.

Your domain name is included in the fee structure so you never have to worry about renewing it. We will do that for you.