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Local Child Care Marketing recognizes the days of finding business information in the phone book are on their way out. The internet has rapidly replaced this resource.

Today almost 70% of all searches on the internet have local intent. This simply means people who are typing a search into either their computer, smart phone, or other portable device are looking for a local business.

If you are a day care, child care center, or preschool that still does not have a website, you are falling behind, and there is no better time to start catching up with your competition than now.

Did you know?

About 55% of child care providers do not have a website, and you simply cannot build a web presence without a website.

Local Child Care Marketing provides direct response child care websites which help child care leaders create their web presence.

If you are ready to take your child care marketing to the next level, and you love doing business as much as we do and want to get more business, then you need to know that online marketing can help increase enrollment at your center.

Local Child Care Marketing offers integrated local internet marketing solutions that are specifically designed for child care owners. We exist for only one reason: to help you, the child care, daycare and preschool business owner, create & maintain your web presence, and dominate the directory listings and search engines.

Our services include:

  • The Child Care Website
  • Google Places And Business Listing Management
  • Child Care Search Marketing Services
  • Email Marketing- The Essential Component

Our offered services are designed to help get more of the targeted traffic and potential customers you want to your website, then incite a response from them, acquire their name, and finally get them to tour your child care center. By creating and maintaining your local web presence, you further clarify what your business does, and where you want it to go. Your income may even become more stable, allowing you to enjoy your accomplishments! Child care websites are simply amazing tools to growing your web presence!

We would love to thank you for all the hard work you, Jeff, and your team have put into our website. Thank you for the suggestions, fast updates, and maintenance you put into our website. We had a lady called us all the way from Paraguay interested in our center. She saw our website and loved it.  We couldn’t have done all of this without your help and without the great webpage we have.

Thank you again, Ana Mejia 
ABC Dual Language Learning Center

Stay informed

We all have so much to learn as small business owners… and the potential to grow our local business is out there if you know where to look. Choosing to engage in a team approach when learning many of the various requirements of running a small business can be one of your smartest moves!

We want to be part of your team, and everyone at Local Child Care Marketing looks forward to providing the necessary advice and tools needed to achieve your personal goals and help you use internet marketing to create & maintain your local child care, daycare, or preschool web presence. For updates on the blog, make sure to come back often (you never know what you never know!)

Let’s get started

For more information about our company, our child care marketing services, and our team, please take the time to explore the website. Or if you are excited and ready to get started, Call Toll Free 855-215-3838 Ext 1Click Here to complete a contact form, or FAX 855-215-3838 today!

We look forward to helping you increase your enrollment by creating and maintaining a strong web presence. Better yet, we do the work for you so you can stick to what you do best–helping in the educational growth and development of future generations!.